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ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO - "Songs 4 Hate & Devotion" [Limited] Gatefold LP


SUNSET WINGS - "Farewell"


TRINITHOS - "Zeichnungen" CD


DERVENN - "Gwad Roueel"


V/A - "...where tattered clouds are stranding"


PHRAGMENTS - "The burning world"


ABANDONED PLACE - "Derelicts of Distant Hope"




V/A - "Hyperthermia"


HEADDREAMER - "Human frequencies"


THE OPPOSER DIVINE - "Barb wire around your neck"




TeHÔM - "Lacrimae Mundi"


REFUSE TO DIE - "The Piper At The Gates of Donna"


REFUSE TO DIE - "The Penguin"


NRYY - "Wind And Cloud" + "Kiss" + "Red"


KREUZER - "Lilium"


KAPITAL - "Chaos to Chaos"


KAPITAL - "No New Age"


X-NAVI:ET - "Dead City Voice"


X-NAVI:ET - "Dead City Voice / Remix Project"


HATI - "Wild Temple"


PHURPA - "Mantras of Bon"


CUSTOMER.NOISE – "Chaos Factory" digipack


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  HARD ART  11/2016  
magazine | informant of independent culture

Inside interviews with AUTHOR & PUNISHER, SHE SPREAD SORROW, ZENIAL, GENETIC TRANSMISSION, ROTO VISAGE, MASZYNY I MOTYLE, DAISY BELL, NOWA ZIEMIA, JACEK ZIELIŃSKI (painter, graphic artist), DUHKA, BOANEGRES, K., ATTENNUTATION CIRCUIT. Articles about: RUNE GRAMMOFON (norweskim labelu), NICK DRAKE (history of life, creativity and artist's death), THE KLINIK, EUGENIUSZ RUDNIK (great article about Polish cult artist), MARIE MADELEINE (Lucifer & Morfina), BIOTOP, RESTYTUCJE... 10 pages reviews!, relations from festivals (Transgresje Festival, Castle Party, Kalisz Ambient) and more...
On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of magical artist
Jacek Zielinski.

  The eleventh number of HARD ART / 68 pages about the music, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language.  HARD ART 11 + DVD ZENIAL - "Minotaur / Chimera"  - GRATIS!! release from Zoharum Records.  
  HARD ART  10/2015  
magazine | informant of independent culture

Inside interviews with Sebastian Madejski (BELTAINE IMPROVED, TAŃCE SNU, LOOPUS DUO, DAMA KRUK), TeHÔM, TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, SUI GENERIS UMBRA, PRZEMEK RUDŹ, BURMA PROJECT, MAREK PRZYBYŁA, 23 THREADS, ART OF EMPATHY. Articles about: PAMELA COLMAN SMITH (Tarot Rider-Waite), KWIATY KONTRKULTUROWEJ REWOLUCJI, NICO (History of artist life), NA FALI DŹWIĘKU (on soundwave), KORMORANY (sound delirium), relation from festivals: CoCArt Festival, Wrotycz Festival, Trans:Wizje and 15 pages reviews!!! On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of magical artist Marek Przybyla.


  The tenth number of HARD ART / 68 pages about the music, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language.  HARD ART 10 + CD  / ART OF EMPATHY - "Posthuman Decadence" digipack A5 CD - GRATIS!! release from Bunkier Productions.  
"Obscure the Sun"
  CDR 2014  
  / Death Industrial / Dark Ambient /  

MORDFABRIK in Beast of Prey label. Almost 40 minutes of cold death industrial music in 7 tracks. Climate album refers to the heyday of the music, to the first half of the 90s, when the CMI label thriving determined the trends in our music.

"Obsucre the Sun" created by Bartosz R. founder of the project is an album whose driving force is cold, predatory sound. Dreamy postindustial visions carved in dark ambient compositions, raises the ominous atmosphere. The album definitely a night to contemplate.

  The album produced in collaboration Beast of Prey. Digipack.  
  HARD ART  09/2014  
magazine | informant of independent culture

Inside interviews with RAISON D’ETRE (Peter Anderson), PURGIST, B°TONG, DARKRAD, TUNDRA, 1997EV, THESE FATHERS HAVE PLUMES, RAFAŁ KOSELĄ, JACEK DOROSZENKO, SPETTRO FAMILY. Articles about: ETHEL LE ROSSINOL and voices of the Archangels, THE ORB, ULTIMAE (panoramic music), MAURIZIO BIANCHI (Italian indigestible), SOUND AROUND, relation from festivals: Intermediale, Wrotycz Festival, Celebrating 23 Years Of Loki-Found, Castle Party and 12 pages reviews!!! On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of magical artist Rafał Kosela.

  The ninth number of HARD ART / 68 pages about the music, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language.  HARD ART 09 + CD  / V/A - "Sound Around" CD - GRATIS  
"The Circus of Ichneumons"
  CD 2014  
  / Dark Ambient / Neo-Classical /  
  IN SCISSORS returns with its fourth full length release "The Circus of Ichneumons", delving deeper into the cinematic themes hinted from previous works. Within the four acts of the album, expansive melodies ranging from baroque to ethereal and avant-garde create the soundtrack for a film or a theatrical play, that aches to be realized.

Vincent Andelmoth is the director of this dream act, Aimaproject the main narrator and the rest of the cast is full of special guests, including Maciej "Dragos" Mehring from Bisclaveret, Evor Ameisie, Michiel Spape from H.E.R.R. and Annamaria Bernadette Christian.
Mastering: Peter Andersson aka RAISON D’ETRE.

This imaginary travelling company introduces to us the life cycle of the ichneumons. The mysterious members of this circus satirize the pestilence of man over nature and its similarities with the parasitic insect. Parasites can be found amongst all species.

  CD is a collaborative release of Beast of Prey and Zoharum Records in limited edition 300 copies. Beautifully designed ekopack by Johna Santerinerossa. 70 min music.  
  HARD ART  08/2014  
magazine | informant of independent culture

Inside interviews with KARPATY MAGICZNE (Marek Styczyński), MACHINEFABRIEK, HER BELEX,  RE-DRUM, MIRT, AABZU (Maciej Szymczuk), 1000SCHOEN, WROTYCZ RECORDS, GHOSTS OF BRESLAU, MICROMELANCOLIE, TER, DARIUSZ WOJTAŚ, ECHOES OF YUL, ACCOMPLECE AFFAIR. Articles about GRUPA W SKŁADZIE: ((history of legendary project), THE WARP ((history of label),  MYRNINEREST / MADGE GILL (paintress, artistic outsider), relations from Wrocław Industial Festiwal, CoCArt Festiwal, Hrabdy Samoty Festiwal and :Audioskopia:, 14 pages reviews!!!. On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of Wiktor Jackowski.

  The eighth number of HARD ART / 68 pages about the music, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language. GRATIS one CD from two: NEKYIA - "Putgatory As the Serpent Domain" CD or K.STANISLAVSY - "End of All Thing" CD.   
  HARD ART  07/2013  
magazine | informant of independent culture

Inside interviews with DESIDERII MARGINIS, AQUAVOICES, VOICES OF THE COSMOS, PARANOIA INDUCTA, RIGOR MORTISS, Radosław Deruba, MAMMOTH UTHANA (Rafał Kołacki), PAULUS (Totart), VULTURES QUAETET, LAHKA MUZA, BRUNO ŚWIATŁOCIEŃ, SECRETIA (Mirrorman & India Czajkowska), MORDFABRIK, GAAP KVLT, GAMMA FUNCTION. Articles about: TOUCH (history of label), HILMA AF KLINT (Old Chaos), DŹWIĘKI ZAKLĘTE (acoustic in Stonehenge), PHURPA (russian project with bon music), AN ANTHOLOGY OF NOISE & ELECTRONIC MUSIC vol. 7 (Sub Rosa), 9 pages reviews!!! On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of Iwona Górska.

  The seventh number of HARD ART / 68 pages about the music, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language.  HARD ART 07 + CD  / V/A – "In Progres vol. II" - GRATIS - Compilation with: LIPPOK, RAPOON, C.3.3., LAGOWSKI, JACASZEK, TROUM, PIOTROWICZ, MICHAEL BANABILA, Z'EV & HATI ... etc.  
"Voices of the Cosmos II"
  digipack CD 2013  
  / Oryginal Sound from Cosmos / Dark Ambient /  
  Project "VOICES OF THE COSMOS" is an educational-artistic initiative created by two artists from Kujawsko-Pomorskie: Rafał Iwański (X-NAVI:ET) and Wojciech Zięba (ELECTRIC URANUS). Both of them have lot of experience in creating experimental and electroacoustic music. In recordings of this album original extraterrestrial sounds captured from space by radio-telescopes.  

The „Voices of the Cosmos II”  is the continuation of the previous album. In this case the radio signals related to the activity of the Sun became the main source of inspiration. The record was being created during the 2013 solar maximum (activity cycle no. 24).  In the compositions, a whole range of signals, accompanying the aurora borealis can be heard. They originate in bombarding the Earth’s magnetosphere with charged solar wind particles. While listening to these pieces we realize fully the permanent interaction between the Sun and the Earth.

  The "Voices of the Cosmos II" is released by Beast Of Prey and Eter Records in a three panel digipack. Project partially financed from resources the Scholarship of the Grudziadz City in the sphere of the Culture and Art.  
  New PATCHES:  
  Two new examples of patch. The round (8cm) with the  LUCIFER and THELEMA - the black patch with grey thread.  
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  ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO - "Songs 4 Hate & Devotion" [Limited] Gatefold LP (Out of line) Strictly limited edition VINYL in deluxe GATEFOLD-Cover, featuring an alternative track listing.
Crossing the borders between art, rebellion, passion, apocalypse and sex, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio have managed to settle in their very own musical niche with their opulent and intense sonic sculptures. “Songs 4 Hate & Devotion” is an emotional rollercoaster ride driven by the intense voice of Tomas Petterson that alternates martially majestic monuments of orchestral sounds, marching drums and percussion with very intimate and fragile moments, mingles Cold-Wave-, Shoegazing- and Minimal-elements with folkloristic structures and that manages to slip in the odd musical quote as well. The Swedish duo has carefully opened and evolved its unique sound into a wholly exceptional epic that consequently evades any easy categorization. Pop music for non-conformists. "


  SUNSET WINGS - "Farewell" CD (The Eastern Front) The album was composed, written and arranged by brilliant collective from Russia—Sunset Wings especially for The Eastern Front label. “Farewell” is solely for those who love beautiful music and beautiful lyrics. Leitmotif of the “Farewell” is famous “Farewell To The Fatherland” by Polish composer, diplomat and politician Michał Kleofas Ogiński.  



  TRINITHOS - "Zeichnungen" CD (The Eastern Front) "Zeichnungen" ist das insgesamt vierte und dritte offiziell veröffentlichte Album von Trinithos. Datum der Fertiggestellung ist der Sommer 2009. Inhaltlich bewegt es sich im Strom und Atem des Meeres: Zwischen kontemplativer Besinnung in Text und Klangbau, zwischen Erinnerung in Eingängigkeit und melodischer Federführung und dem Sturm des Aufbruchs in Rhythmik und musikalischen Umbrüchen. Das Album enthält mit einer über 70 minütigen Länge insgesamt 12 konzeptionell angeordnete Lieder.








  DERVENN - "Gwad Roueel" CD (The Eastern Front) Dervenn in Breton means «oak», the sacred tree of the ancient Celts. Wood is the matter of our instruments and our breath is the «wind that shakes the Barley»… even if we are living in the era of digital and numeric realities. The soul is still musical and deeply tainted by the landscape of Brittany, by the musicality of it, by the symbolism of it. Arthur, Perceval, Merlin, we still share their quest for truth and beauty when riding our cars… No commercial folklore, no infatuated «world» or «ethnic» music, no archeological mythology nor so-called traditionalism. Just our true modern Breton music. Beauty and breath of the arthurian past speaking a present day, but not vulgar, musical language. «Gwad Roueel» («royal blood») is the first act of the quest, a personal and emotional evocation, using both traditional «celtic» instruments (bag pipe, Breton oboe, transverse flute, Irish whistle and bodhran) and modern ones. Invention and respect of the past are the key words, poetry, melody and strength are the feelings one gets from listening to this musical travel through the lights and darkness of human quest for purity and beauty…  





  V/A - "...where tattered clouds are stranding" 2CD (The Eastern Front) Double CDs compilation of European neofolk, industrial, dark ambient projects dedicated to the art of Icelandic sculptor and painter Einar Jonsson (1874-1954). Almost all the songs presented on the compilation inspired by Einar Jonsson’s art are unique, previously unreleased and composed especially for this compilation. Part I “Grief” is a neofolk/martial part with the songs of Belborn, Storm Of Capricorn, Westwind, Rukkanor, H.E.R.R./Von Thronstahl, Horologium, Weihan, Cold Fusion, Larrnakh, Zebaoth, Agnivolok, Kammer Sieben, Aeldaborn and Cawatana. Part II “Birth Of Psyche” is dark ambient/industrial/esotheric part with the songs of Rose Rovine E Amanti, Wach, Objekt4, Hoarfrost, Gandolfs Gedanken, Shining Vril, Echo West, Gregorio Bardini, Artefactum, Kadaver, Bisclaveret, Sitra Ahra and Simulacra.  


  PHRAGMENTS - "The burning world" CD (The Eastern Front) Coming in oversized (almost A5-size) 3-panel cardboard packaging, limited to 1’000 copies. New powerful and emotional full-length album by Slovakian Martial bombast project PHRAGMENTS. 7 orchestral / industrial compositions heavily accented by dark ambient and martial atmosphere. Majestic orchestrations, industrial machinery and noisy outbursts. This second full-length album by this gifted act is a dramatic vision, a sombre view of a world that is burning…  








ABANDONED PLACE - "Derelicts of Distant Hope" digipack CD (Malignant Records) -  Dark Ambient /  The album from Poland’s Abandoned Asylum and a welcome new entry into the Malignant family, fitting nicely alongside roster mates Rasalhague, Collapsar, and Phelios, in its ability to explore not only the outer edges of the cosmos, but deep into catacombs and dimly lit underground passages. Derelicts of Distant Hope is a collection of 7 tracks in total where shape shifting tonal swells are met with a host of nebulous textures, distant mechanical whir and industrial debris, and drifting atmospheric desolation, all expertly constructed and layered into a sprawling and expansive whole. With dark ambient, it’s not so much about re-inventing the wheel (which isn’t so easy to do given the genre’s defining characteristics) as much as it is about setting the mood, and Abandoned Asylum accomplishes that with great precision and skill. In 6 panel digipak, lmtd 500 copies.







  TABOR RADOSTI - "Agartta" CD (Aliens Production) Dark ambient surfaces in conjunction with shamanic rhythms of space corners and unearthly sounding voices are a reminiscent of a civilization gap between space-time and with their oriental breath flows in your subconscious mind literally with space pace. Great orchestral elements hypnotic loops and electronic arrangement waves in every corner of this space walk that knows how to dip deep into your imaginary interior. New material is a path that has its musical and internal magic as excellent cooperation with member of ARCANA, Ann-Mari Thim or nice cooperation in remix versions from masters such as: KENJI SIRATORI, AH CAMA SOTZ. The last work LAMAT determined the strong position and direction that has in this positions took even greater energy and balance so that we can only confirm that the demonstration of faith in the infallibility of cosmic cycles continues…  



  V/A - "Hyperthermia" CD (Aliens Production)  18 bands 20 songs. Exclusive tracks with some different atmo combinations and modern electronics works. Industrial sounds from underground… Atmospherics vibrations from other side. Exclusive tracks from projects: Tod, Totakeke, Tokee, Atiq and Enk, Huron, Disharmony, Basementgrrr, Mind.Divided, Structural fault, Mnemonic, Flint Glass and Collapsar, Oxyd, Ish, Tapage and Syndemic, Stasis Device, Polygon, Headdreamer, Angel Epilepsia.  



  HEADDREAMER - "Human frequencies" CD (Aliens Production) After many digital releases comes project Headdreamer with his new production and his modern sound will not leave any fan of ambient music unheeded. Melodic lines in down tempo rhythms and magical atmospheres are rolling the emotional canals of the listener. Many mysterious atmospheres, spherical elements and unmistakable atmospheres from dISHARMONY member. This listening discloses many uncharted corners and many interesting collaborations from projects like Huron, Esoteric sob, Ish, Stasis Device, Rentip, Lucidstatic, Basementgrrr...  






  THE OPPOSER DIVINE - "Barb wire around your neck" CD (Aliens Production) After successful experimentations and several digital releases we have a news from protagonist of TERMINAL STATE, he has released his solo album entitled The opposer divine. Minor Float on his album brings us a very interesting mix of electronic and experimental surfaces. Atmospheric tracks in down tempo surfaces of minimalistic tones and melodic lines often sound like the soundtrack for the dark sci-fi movie. Numerous analogue sequences of cybernetic vocals and explosive themes pressing on you from the introductory minutes. The combination of film music, ebm, idm and ambient color makes this project colorfully creative. Slovakia's production starts to take over a strong position in the generating of serious musical particles that knows to offer the concept for each music enthusiast.  





  DISHARMONY - "Cloned II" CD (Aliens Production) Slovakian duo dISHARMONY is once again showing its remix activity. Their new achievement presents a varied palette, either with every way routing electronic genres or never released pieces which are part of this project from the beginning. Many electronic nooks, industrial turbulences, movie atmospheres and original passages are accompanying this rare matter. Contrasted, but still compacted, wraps in a electronic spirit and for sure once again something from the archive which was never published. Bratislava's electro underground never sleeps, so watch out for this release, which transfers you into a dimension where the clones are pulsing in your blood circulation.  





  TeHÔM - "Lacrimae Mundi" digipack CD (Cyclic Law) Active in the mid 90's, Croatia's TeHÔM has been resurrected in the past years by original member Miljenko Rajakovic. Their first 2 albums were released on Twilight Command, side label of Douglas P's NER label. TeHÔM's founding member Sinisa Ocurscak unfortunately passed away in 1997, victim of a probable war related cancer. 3 years after his passing their 2nd album, and what was thought to be their last, "Theriomorphic Spirits' was finally released. The project was then laid to rest and years later finally revived. A very surreal, obscure and cinematic sounding opus has been created by Miljenko, following closely in the footsteps of previous works but now taking the project to new levels. Yet always in keeping with Sinisa's vision and in honor of his memory and spirit. Artwork By Dehn Sora. Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel digipack. 9 Tracks. Running Time 59:00  
    REFUSE TO DIE - "The Piper At The Gates of Donna" CDR (T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!!) Weird experimental work «The piper at the gates of Donna» of acknowledged Israeli industrial avant-garde project Refuse To Die. Comes in white digipack with disco styled artwork.  
    REFUSE TO DIE - "The Penguin" CDR (T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!!) Weird experimental work «The Penguin» of acknowledged Israeli industrial avant-garde project Refuse To Die. The conceptual album consists of four parts: «The Penguin: Spring», «The Penguin: Summer», «The Penguin: Autumn» and «The Penguin: Winter».  


  NRYY - "Wind And Cloud" + "Kiss" + "Red" 3xMCDR (T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!!) Weird guitar industrial album from Japanese project NRYY. Mix of guitar industrial sounds and melodic noise. Released as 3 parts, each under its own title, come on 3″ CD-Rs with avantgarde artwork.


    KREUZER - "Lilium" MCDR (T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!!) The newest work of Israeli power-electronics and ambient project Kreuzer—mini-album «Lilium» is out now. It is the second mini-album released on T’an! Kaven!! Ash!!! following «Noises Of Independence»  








  PHURPA - "Mantras of Bon" CD (Zoharum Records) The magic and strength of their music has been appreciated by Stephen O'Malley among others, who released one of their albums on his own label. Zoharum would like to present the latest album by the band entitled "Mantras of Bon." It is an extraordinary release, even for such an extraordinary and unusual project as PHURPA. More than 70 minutes of music here is divided into two parts. The first one, featuring Alissa Nicolai on vocals, shows the band from a completely different angle; the other one presents the most important and interesting sessions recorded over the past few years, with a recording from CTM festival where they impressed the audience with "kuntunzangpo."
"Mantras of Bon" is an excellent introduction into the adventures with PHURPA, the world of Tibetan music filtered by contemporary reinterpretation free from rigid rules. It may enchant both those looking for interesting sacral music and the ones searching for a new form of sonic statement.


  KAPITAL - "Chaos to Chaos" digipack CD (Istant Classic) The album consists of 8 tracks recorded by the band and mastered by Marcin Bociński. It’s a huge musical step forward from the realms of drone that engulfed “No New Age” – it seems quite enough to mention the vocal-centered single “The Music of Goodbye” with it’s wide pallette of moods. A brighter and somehow more uplifting cover art (courtesy of Joanna John) makes this unique enigma even more compelling.  




  KAPITAL - "No New Age" digifile CD (Bocian Records) Kapital is an encounter of two artists that usually penetrate different musical genres and ideas. It is an encounter of two musical worlds: psychoactive electro-acoustic music generated with electronic instruments and found objects and extreme psychedelia based on the sounds of processed guitar. Ziołek and Iwański worked together for the first time during recording sessions of improvisational group Innercity Ensemble formed in 2011. In August of 2013 they recorded in Bory Tucholskie their debut album titled "No New Age", released on CD by Bocian Records.  





  X-NAVI:ET - "Dead City Voice" vinyl LP (Zoharum Records) The second vinyl album by Rafał Iwański aka X-Navi:Et (of HATI, Voices of the Cosmos, KAPITAL, Innercity Ensemble fame). The theme of the city has appeared in the modern art territory quite a few times before. Wim Wenders, a cult German director, once said that "thecity shapes people, leaves its stigma on them and deforms them to its own likeness." Murray Schafer, a Canadian composer, while working on the concept of "soundscape", claimed that many of the surrounding sonic incidents infiltrates the music of our times. Following the footsteps of Charles Baudelaire among others, urban artists, Rafał Iwański and Ewa Bińczyk, replayed the city, penetrated its spirit and echoed it in their activities. Telling the city by means of sound and vision is becoming an inward journey as well.  








  X-NAVI:ET - "Dead City Voice / Remix Project" digipack CD (Istant Classic) Limited edition to 200 copiec with art cover graphics by Agnieszka Zwara. Remixes by Z'EV, PURE, RAPOON, STARA RZEKA, Yannick Franck and MIRT. The best psychoactive sounds.

Koncepcja na skompletowanie tego wydawnictwa narodziła się jeszcze w momencie edytowania albumu "Dead City Voice", wydanego na winylu i kasecie i zawdzięczam ją po części Z'EV-owi, który powiedział, że kilku artystów z którymi kiedyś współpracował nie miało pojęcia co to znaczy prawdziwy remiks. Według Z'EV-a prawdziwy remiks polega na pracy na surowym miksie albo nawet jeszcze lepiej - na wybranych z niego trackach. No i tak też zrobiłem - każdemu artyście wysyłałem osobne tracki danego numeru zebrane w jednym folderze, a oni robili z nimi co chcieli. Według mnie dało to ciekawy efekt, utwory na "Remix Project" są całkiem inne od oryginałów, mimo że szczątkowo można usłyszeć dźwięki źródłowe.





  HATI - "Wild Temple" digifile CD (Monotype Records) Studio album recorded by Rafał Iwański and Rafał Kołacki with special guest Sławomir Ciesielski - great percussionist and drummer of legendary Polish rock band Republika (in 80. Republika was one of the most original European bands - thanks to their specific antimainstream rock & roll songs, with new wave-inspired music and lyrics). HATI forms a link between a personal interest in modern improvised and acoustic music with ritual and meditation. They worked together in 2010 on several tracks presented on the album and finally all material was recorded in big military objects in T orun from XIX century called Fort I. After the recording session the trio played one concert in Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun.  







  CUSTOMER.NOISE – "Chaos Factory" digipack CD (CustomRec.) Jednoosobowy projekt Sławka Tutak (Toruń), którego twórczość oscyluje wokół szeroko rozumianej elektroniki. W swoich kompozycjach wykorzystuje stylistyczne elementy takich gatunków jak dark ambient, industry/noise czy experimental. Zafascynowany możliwościami środowiska cyfrowego za źródło wybrał wirtualne generatory z ich nieograniczonymi możliwościami kreowania dźwięku. W latach 2012-2013 skupił się na, jak to mówi, powoływaniu do istnienia nowych dźwięków w naszej rzeczywistości. W 2014 roku podjął decyzję, że nadszedł czas aby dźwięki "z szuflady" ujrzały światło dzienne w postaci płyty. W tym celu powołał do życia firmę producencką CustomRec., której pierwszą produkcją był wydany w grudniu 2014 roku album "chaos factory" zawierający 7 zróżnicowanych utworów w opisanej wyżej stylistyce. Z ciekawostek można dodać, że mastering materiału przeprowadził Marcin Cichy (Skalpel).  
    RITUAL – ":08:16:02:" digipack CD (Lichterklang)  
    LA PIETRA LUNARE – "Same" CD (Lichterklang)  
    WEIHAN – "Blódslitinn á Steininum" CD (Lichterklang)  
    MARS – "Blood Is The Food Of The Gods" digipack CD (Lichterklang)  
    FAHL – "The Halls Of The Dead" CD (Lichterklang)  
    TRAUM’ER LEBEN - "Was wird bleiben" digipack CD (Lichterklang)  
    DESIDERII MARGINIS - "Thaw" digipack CD (Zoharum Records)  
    INNER VISION LABORATORY - "Austeros" CD (Zoharum Records)  
    INNER VISION LABORATORY & NEPENTHE -  "Ambit" CD (Zoharum Records)  
    MACHINEFABRIEK - "The Measures Taken" CD (Zoharum Records)  
    MACHINEFABRIEK - "Dubbeltjes" CD (Zoharum Records)  
    RAPOON - "Seeds in the Tide Volume 3" digipack 2CD (Zoharum Records)  
    RAPOON & PROMUTE - "Machine River" CD (Zoharum Records)  
    EXPO 70 - "Frozen Living Elements" CD (Zoharum Records)  
    EXPO 70 - "Corridors to Infinity" 2CD (Zoharum Records)  
    MANINKARI - "Continuum Sonore 7>1" CD (Zoharum Records)  
    NAGAMATZU - "Neural Interval" 2CD (Zoharum Records)  
    JARL / ENVENOMIST - "Tunguska Event" CD (Zoharum Records)  
    FORRREST DRONES - "Najas Flexilis Exequiae" CD (Zoharum Records)  
    IN SCISSORS - "Orbis Terrarum Requiem" digipack CD  (Zoharum Records)  
    INDIA CZAJKOWSKA & SEBASTIAN MADEJSKI - "Tańce Snu" CD (Zoharum Records)  
    MACIEK SZYMCZUK & SLOWTION - "Ways" digipack CD (Zoharum Records)  
    ORRYELLE - "156 = Musick = Babalon = Kaos" digipack CD (Zoharum Records)  
    OUROBOROS - "Opus Tartari" digipack CD (Zoharum Records)  
    SYNAPSIS - "Officina Ferraria reworked" CD (Zoharum Records)  


SIEBEN - "Each Divine Spark" digipack CD  (Redroom)

    AUN - "Black Pyramid" digipack CD (Cyclic Law)  
    BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE - "Modern Day Diabolists" digipack CD/DVD (Cyclic Law)  
    PARHELION - "Midnight Sun" digipack CD (Cyclic Law)  
    PSYCHOMANTEUM - "Oneironaut" digipack CD (Cyclic Law)  
    THERRADAEMON - "Den Morke Munnens Sprak" CD (Cyclic Law) -  
    TRIANGULAR ASCENSION - "Leviathan Device" digipack CD (Cyclic Law)  


DARKWOOD - "Schicksalsfahrt" digipack CD (HeidenVolk) 

    HATI & Z'EV - "Collusion" CD (Idiosyncratics Records)  
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