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SUNSET WINGS - "Farewell"




TeHÔM - "Lacrimae Mundi"


THE OPPOSER DIVINE - "Barb wire around your neck"


TRINITHOS - "Zeichnungen" CD


V/A - "Hyperthermia"


V/A - "...where tattered clouds are stranding"


X-NAVI:ET - "Dead City Voice"


X-NAVI:ET - "Dead City Voice / Remix Project"


SYNAPSIS - "Officina Ferraria reworked"


TRAUM’ER LEBEN - "Was wird bleiben"


WEIHAN – "Blódslitinn á Steininum"


SIEBEN - "Each Divine Spark"


ZENIAL - "Connection Reset by Peer" 


SEALED IN BLOOD - "Coemeterium"


SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - "With Extreme Prejudice"


SIEBEN - "Star Wood Brick Firemamet"




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SAGITTARIUS - "Songs From The Ivory Tower"  CD  (Cold Spring) - SOLD OUT!!




  SANTA AGOSTINO - "Operazione Paura" digipack CD (Greytone) - 5 euro - /Gloomy Soundscapes/. SantAAgostino tell of the Noises from Beyond the Gate. They feel the return of those who died and are reborn more rotten and foul than before. "Operazione Paura is a total turning not just for the band but for dark ambient music and noise. SA is like a meteor crashing into Earth, disrupting balances, rhythms and cycles. After the crash the planet appears perished but, in the inner part, the new fire of life is burning. A brand new energy developed in a new way of living, thinking and being. "Operazione Paura" speaks of filmic and horrorific fear, and all those mental factors that trap a man in the self-made cage of his own mind. "Operazione Paura" is a huge solitary desert, where sounds flow creating new monsters beyond space and time. Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak.  

SEALED IN BLOOD - "Coemeterium" CD (Heerwegen Tod Production) - 10 euro Third album of Dark Ambient from this Polish act, and their first CD-proper. Named "Coemeterium", it is the darkest album in the existence of this lower Silesian project. "Graven night, cold and gloomy autumnal atmosphere with drone echoes, gongs and creaking living elements. Full of death, fullmoon in the fog, dark side of nature, catacombs, graveyards and ancient burial ceremonies".


SECRET DRUID SOCIETY - "Restless" digipack CD (First Fallen Star) - 10 euro - Long after we are all dead and gone, the planet will continue to go about its business. For aeons before humans existed and for aeons after we are extinct, Earth will cycle onward through seemingly endless ages, barely aware that we existed at all. It is from our own arrogance that we imagine Earth without humans to be a quiet place, an inactive place. If we were to look more closely, to listen...




SEELENLICHT - "Gods & Devils" digipack CD (Cold Spring) - 11 euro - This stunning debut release from a project of Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R.) and Butow Maler (Kammer Sieben) contains 14 darkly satirical compositions that strip bare the mechanism of human nature and the madness of the contemporary world. Comprised of Gothic murder ballads, electronic, folk and neoclassical elements, this album is brimming with originality, enthusiasm and creativity. Guests: Herr Twiggs (Kammer Sieben), Maria Southgate (H.E.R.R.) and Eustacia Vye (Horologium). Digipak.


SEELENTHRON / TRAUM'ER LEBEN / TRINITHOS - "III" digipack CD 2008  (Heimatfolk / Steinklang)  - SOLD OUT!!




SHINJUKU THIEF - "The Scribbler" CD 2007 (Cold Spring) - 5 euro - Reissue of the 1992 classic by this Australian genius, originally released in an edition of 500 copies. Occasional bursts of factory noise, industrial rumblings and disembodied German voices form the backdrop to a minimalist reworking of Kafka's "The Trial." An album of dense filmic atmospheres and orchestral instrumentation. 'The Scribbler' has been digitally remastered and is enhanced with a series of video clips constructed by Richard Grant (I+T=R), incorporating both new material together with the original images prepared for "The Scribbler" live show.


SHRINE - "Nihil" CD (Cyclic Law) - SOLD OUT!!




SIEBEN - "Each Divine Spark" digipack CD  (Redroom) - 11 euro - "Each Divine Spark' is the finest and most fully-realised Sieben album to date. Finding the balance between enigmatic menace and elegant beauty, its lines lock into the brain on first listen - as the looped layers of violin build to a heady and head-spinning orchestral brilliance. Restless, driving rhythms are channelled into performances of restrained intensity, helped by MATT HOWDEN's most confident vocals yet, forward in the mix, close to the ear. Recorded in a perfect studio acoustic, the album creates a sound-maze and leads the listener to the centre. A statement of intent; a masterclass". Features guests: Jo Quail, Sarah Jay Hawley, April Howden, Michael Eden.


SIEBEN - "Star Wood Brick Firemamet" digipack CD  (Redroom) - 11 euro - Sieben is unique. There is nothing like him. Words flow from a silky voice and notes slide off the bow with ease. In this there is magic. Chemistry happens. The strings loop, the songs unfurl and the images in your head blossom. You are drawn to this world, compelled. Star Wood Brick Firmament envelops you. It enchants. Its stories are rich in life and human warmth and, sometimes, cold reality. This is the mighty Sieben, better than ever. Every track is memorable. Beautifully produced by the man himself, Matt Howden.


SIMULACRA - "There is a fountain filled with blood" CD  (No Angels Prod. / Consouling Sounds) - SOLD OUT!!


SISTRENATUS - "Sensitive Disturbance" CD (Cold Spring)  - 5 euro -  Blurring the lines between Dark Ambient, Industrial and Noise, Sistrenatus storms forth, shifting between oppressive aggression and unsettling atmospheres. "Sensitive Disturbance" is the third offering from this now legendary Canadian act, whose debut "Division One" was issued on Cold Spring in 2007. An aural journey through the urban decay of abandoned factories, scorched landscapes and underground passageways. "Sensitive Disturbance" is an abrasive rendition of the industrial revolution in its darkest phases.

      SKULLFLOWER – "Fucked On A Pile Of Corpses" CD (Cold Spring) - SOLD OUT!!  



  SKULLFLOWER – "Tribulation" CD (Crucial Blast) - 11 euro - The new emission from the UK trance-noise legends SKULLFLOWER. A black-void beaming of utterly destroyed drone rock and crushing amplifier obliteration that rains down black ash and punishing blasts of feedback skree on the listener. A dynamic, bleary-eyed meditation. An avalanche of powerdrone that threatens to take your cranium apart and transport your grey matter into filthy new dimensions infested with melodic razor cuts and submerged mantras. A triumphant eruption of apocalyptic meta-metal and radioactive raga swarms, guaranteed to loosen eardrums. This album is one of the heaviest, harshest slabs of guitar armageddon from Matt Bower since the glory days of Total, and bridges the void between the krautrock/celestial free drone influence of the last few Skullflower albums, and the blackened molten death of his Mirag material.  
      SKULLFLOWER – "Orange Canyon Mind" CD  (Crucial Blast) - SOLD OUT!!  








SKY BURIAL - "Transmissions From The Void" CDR + ART CARD SET (Crucial Blast) - 8 euro - Since the dissolution of his long running power electronics/harsh noise project Fire In The Head, New England noise artist Mike Page has gone on to focus on his other project Sky Burial, which had long existed as a "softer", less violent side of Page's musical work. The first time that I heard Sky Burial was on the self-titled disc that he released on Housepig sometime around 2006, and was impressed by the vaguely menacing drone rock experiments and dark ambience that was featured on it's six tracks. In the last couple of years, though, Sky Burial has evolved into a much more distinct sound that while definitely less confrontational and abrasive as his work with FITH and Irukandji, is still plenty dark and malevolent, a kind of sinister cosmic bliss-out that brings together his obvious love of classic 70's space music and krautrock (Tangerine Dream, Popul Vuh, Vangelis, Klaus Schulze, Cluster, etc) with an undercurrent of grimy, apocalyptic industrial dread. Being a huge fan of both dark industrial and old-school kosmische music myself, I've been getting more and more into Sky Burial's music with each new release, and when C-Blast received a copy of the new Sky Burial album Transmission From The Void to check out earlier this year, I was sucked in to it's glazed black-nebula ambience instantly. Consisting of a single album-length track, Transmissions is one of the darkest pieces of cosmic drift that I've heard from this project so far, it's nearly forty-five minute runtime constantly moving through clouds of intercepted radio signals and distant rhythmic grinding into clusters of gorgeous synthesizer drift that ascend into the stratosphere, then crashing back down into blood-freezing stretches of infernal machine-drone and swirling abyssal ambience


SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY - "Stealth" 2CD (Cold Spring) - SOLD OUT!!


SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY – "Deep Frieze" CD  (Cold Spring) - SOLD OUT!!

      SMELL & QUIM - "A Sod's as good as a wank to a blind arse" CD (Industrial Recollections) - SOLD OUT!!  



SOGLIA DEL DOLORE - "2984" CD (Final Muzik) - 4 euro -  80's Italian punk heroes are back: new songs, new line up, new sound! 15 new great, powerful tracks, plus a few re-recorded old anthems! You know, you really need this album if you're into: Crass, early-Killing Joke, C.C.C.P., Rivolta dell'Odio, Theatre Of Hate, Italian early-80's wave and U.K. peace/anarcho-punk. Featuring Francis Tami on vocals -> In The Nursery collaborator on "Lingua" CD, radio DJ and music writer on Ascension Magazine. 500 copies, digipack.

    SORFEUM - "Tancient Rocks" CD (Nihil Art Records) - 9 euro  Limited edition 500 copies, jewel box, style:  ancient dark ambient / mystic  



SPECTRA PARIS - "Dead Model CD (Trisol) - 8 euro - znana postać z Kirlian Camera. "Dead Models" jest albumem na który składaja się elektroniczna muzyka zbliżona do KC. Rytmiczne i energetyczne kawałki z wyśmienitymi wokalami Spectry, klimaty Electro / DarkWave wymieszane futurystycznymi rytmami, wszystko okraszone romantyzmem a nawet erotyzmem. Na aukcji oferujemy oczywiście płytę nówkę zafoliowaną wydaną przez niemiecki label Trisol.  New project headed by Elena, singer of Kirlian Camera. Her high class „glamour noir“ combines dreamy electro spheres with alien motifs and hypnotic futuristic rhythms and powerful E-guitars, but all in all in a very delicate and romantic piece of work.










SPREU & WEIZEN - "Gott Vergelt's" CD (Lichterklang) - 11 euro - "Gott vergelt’s", the second full-length album of Munich's SPREU & WEIZEN is a conceptual album concerned with the fall and second rise of the Roman Empire. The album's title is an allusion to a Southern German expression for "thank you", but is to be understood, as was the case with the first album's title "Gott erhalt's", as a play on words calling on God to retaliate against the decline of the Roman Empire.
SPREU & WEIZEN's "Gott vergelt’s" features collaborations with Von Thronstahl, Art Abscons, Rose Rovine E Amanti and Karma Marata.
As opposed to the aspiring Bavarians' first album, this CD can no longer be classified as purely neoclassical, which is mainly due to two new members who have had a strong impact on the project's sound. Apart from powerful slogans and fiery guitars, we are presented with an enticing melange of melancholic neoclassicism and gloomy Christian folk that has a decent Italian touch.
The neoclassical project SPREU & WEIZEN was founded in 2009. In the beginning, the group consisted of two members, Sig P. and Hagalaz. After a slight change in style, embodying, amongst others, black metal and psychedelic elements, first concert plans were made, and guitarist Chris T. as well as flutist Iduna T. joined the group in the following year.
Especially a collaboration with German poet Uwe Lammla and German martial industrial project Von Thronstahl, which was based on Lammla's poem "Deutsche Passion", was received with great enthusiasm.






STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES - "Atrocitizer" digipack CD  (Malignant) - 11 euro -  As long time admirers of this Texas two piece, it seemed only a matter of time before Steel Hook Prostheses would find a home with Malignant. While Atrocitizer will probably not be considered their most aggressive release, it is unquestionably their most unsettling and creepy. 10 tracks in total and close to 50 minutes of death industrial in it’s purest form, dripping and oozing with sinister intentions, and full of grim electronics, unnerving pulsations, and cold frequency spasms that swarm from a fetid pit of malevolence. Add in a steady stream of ultra menacing , processed vocals and nightmarish samples, and surely you have one of the more disturbing releases ever to be released on Malignant. Steel Hook Prostheses formed in 1999, and since then have amassed an impressive discography of limited CDR releases. Atrocitizer is just their second full length non CDR release following 2005's Light Reflected From A Cold Cutting Table. In 6 panel digipak.



  STEMCELL RESEARCH PROJECT - "Charnel Houses" digipack CD (Syzmic Records) - 11 euro -  Five songs inspired by death and post-mortem rituals with each passage delving deeper into the stygian abyss. "Charnel Houses" is profoundly imbued with feelings of despair brought forth with field recordings of actual autopsies taking place. Somber moments layered with metal percussion, white noise and rhythmic drones that envelope the listener like a lead blanket. SRP is J. P. Whetzel of Welter In Thy Blood. Mastered by John Stillings of Steel Hook Prostheses. Ltd x 300 copies in a digipak.  



  STRATVM TERROR – "Pain Implantations" digipack CD  (Old Europa Caffe) - 11 euro - Formed by aggression and pain the aptly titled CD 'Pain Implantation' is probably a good description of the music, given the focus of the approach. Sparse and suffocating atmospheres float forth while distorted sicken tones are injected. The opening track lulls the listener into a false sense of relaxation before the distorted frequencies leap out to reek havoc on the listeners cerebral area. The music throughout the disc pounds on your skull without mercy and then slows down before the next eruption, ripping through your ears jamming them with feedback and beats tearing the mind apart. Stratvm Terror is Peter Andersson of Raison d'être, Necrophorus, Bocksholm, Atomine Elektrine etc. and Tobias Larsson of Ocean Chief.  Total disc duration is 77 minutes.  

STROPS – "Likuma Burts"  digipack CD (Sturm) - 10 euro - Industrial. The solid fullenght release penetrates one's mind and emotions with massive layers of noisy, powerful industrial in combination with lyric ambient fever. The dramatic martial opus shines with a distinct Strops peal, - deep, anxious, snug and melancholic. Great barricade industrial songs bear strong social anti-consumerist concept, a hint of despise towards globalisation and philistinism - the resistant message about a forgotten price of freedom.



  STURMPERCHT - "Schattenlieder" digipack CD (Percht / Steinklang) - 12 euro - Three years have passed since the release of the last Sturmpercht album "Geister im Waldgebirg", and now they unveil their new Alpine Folk masterpiece. Features contributions from Arnica, Hanns Aufschring (aka Axel of Werkraum), Gerhard (Allerseelen), Markus Wolff (Waldteufel) and Meri Tadic (Irij) as well as new band member Waldwuudz (aka cz of Vinterriket). "Schattenlieder - Eine kleine Nachtmusick für Berggeister und Waldteufel" (Shadowsongs - a serenade for mountain trolls and forest devils) contains 20 songs utilising a wealth of weird and wonderful musical instruments and is presented in a 6-panel digipak with booklet.  
    STURMPERCHT - "Stürm ins Leben wild hinein!" digipack CD (Percht / Steinklang) - 12 euro -  new edition of the long soldout first Sturmpercht album. This album is pure weird Alpine-Folk music with martial drinking-songs, alpine battle-hymns and strange fairie-tales out from the deepest Austrian and Bavarian forests, all embedded in a breath of black Monty Python humour. A pearl of pure Alpine Folkmusic!  






STURMPERCHT - "Geister im Waldgebirg" digipack CD (Percht / Steinklang) - 12 euro - One year has passed since the Austrian / south Bavarian Alpin-Folk formation Sturmpercht released their last 7". finally now here is their long awaited new album! "Geister im Waldgebirg" is a journey through the deepest central-European forests and mountains with all their strange creatures, fairies, myths and legends. the sounds and lyrics on this album are engrained in old pagan rites and cults, in hunters-legends and in tales from darkest woods and the people living there. the songstyles vary from powerful Martial-Folk hymns, over fragile Folk-balads, to weird songs about strange people and creepy animals. several great artists supported Sturmpercht in the making of this album: first af all Axel from WERKRAUM, who is a basic Sturmpercht-member since quite a while now. it's Axels perfect guitar- and flute playing and his skillful hands in mixing, that the Folk-songs have this brilliant late 60ies/early 70ies touch now. the close Sturmpercht-friends ALLERSEELEN, SANGRE CAVALLUM and WALDTEUFEL have also recorded fantastic songs especially for this album.

      SUI GENERIS UMBRA - "Ater" CD (Dying Art Productions) - SOLD OUT!!  
    SUNSET WINGS - "Farewell" CD (The Eastern Front) - 30 zł - The album was composed, written and arranged by brilliant collective from Russia—Sunset Wings especially for The Eastern Front label. “Farewell” is solely for those who love beautiful music and beautiful lyrics. Leitmotif of the “Farewell” is famous “Farewell To The Fatherland” by Polish composer, diplomat and politician Michał Kleofas Ogiński.  



  SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - "With Extreme Prejudice" digipack CD (Cold Spring) - 11 euro - Harsh extreme electronic pioneers Sutcliffe Jugend return with an album of all new material. Three years in the making, and with numerous reworkings, “With Extreme Prejudice” finds Sutcliffe Jugend at the top of their game. Forcing the listener to question their own prejudices and taboos, as modern man struggles to confront and control his inner demons. Musically and lyrically this is SJ’s most varied album to date, ranging from harsh electronic onslaughts to a new kind of musical oblivion. Production and sound values are closer to industrial music than ever before, creating a very different feel to their previous filthwork “Pigdaddy”. Enter if you dare, the very twisted and real world of Sutcliffe Jugend as they execute With Extreme Prejudice. 6-panel digipak.  
      SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - "Blue Rabbit" digipack CD (Crucial Blast) - SOLD OUT!!  
    SUNAO INAMI - "Laid Back Computing" CD (Electr-ohm) - 11 euro -  11 tracks, 62 min. / 1000 copies ltd. CD only. Made in Japan / Dark Electro / Industrial / EBM / Rhythmic Noise/.  Sunao's new studio recording stuff out now! The complicate elements re-constructed to newer beats. Cut upped abstract grains re-constructed to newer rhythm. High knowledge of DSP based sound design process with analog modular synthesis. Complex music, but very original. No drum alternative grooves through the cut up breaks with dark electro.  
      SUNAO INAMI - "How-Bow 2" CD (Electr-ohm) - SOLD OUT!!  


  SUNAO INAMI - "Used Up and Empty" CD (Electr-ohm)  - 11 euro11 tracks, 49 min. / 1000 copies ltd. CD only. Made in Japan / EBM / Ambient Noise / Industrial / Electro-Acoustic/.  This is Sunao Inami's 4th full solo album comes from his own label,electr-ohm. It has live recorded at his EU tour on March 2006. IDM,break beat, abstract rhythmic noise or dark electro music had improvised by live performance. His live performance is more aggressive than his studio recordings,it are heavy complicated rhythmic beats,but It is not violent at all, and it is IDM side with high knowledge of real time sound processing. and also his all sounds generated by NI Reaktor and his vintage analog synths. Sunao used Reaktor 5 and Live 5 on Powerbook G4.  
      SURMA / KREUZER - "Viltis" CD (The Eastern Front)  - SOLD OUT!!  
    SVALBARD - "Heimkunft" CD (Lichterklang)  CD - 10 euro - with 4 page bookled and is limited to only 300 copies.
Info: The upcoming album "Heimkunft" by SVALBARD will be mastered by Axel Frank, best known for his work with bands like WERKRAUM, STURMPERCHT or TRIARII. Brilliant, melancholic NeoFolk / Dark Pop and strong Martial-Music with heroic drums+samples assembled with great NeoClassic elements and fine vocals, sung in German, English and Russian. for fans of early ROME - TIP!

SVARROGH - "Yer Su"  digipack CD + 12-page booklet  (Steinklang / Ahnstern) - SOLD OUT!!


SVART1 – "Non Tutto Cio Che Tace E Morto" - pro CDr (Valse Sinistre)  - SOLD OUT!!





SYNAPSIS - "Officina Ferraria reworked" CD (Zoharum Records) - 10 euro - After critically acclaimed debut album, SYNAPSIS returns with a new album. This time, their material has been reconstructed or deconstructed by other artists. "Officina Ferraria Reworks" is composed of 13 remixes by SUNAO INAMI, GEttNER, ZENIAL, VILGOĆ, HOARFROST, WOLFRAM, KOMORA A, C.H. DISTRICT, SELF INFLICTED VIOLENCE, TOMASZ KRAKOWIAK, MARCIN ŁOJEK and others... A mix of ambient, experimental electronics and noise. An ecopack issue. 500 copies.
SYNAPSIS is a project of Dawid Chrapla (ANTIBIOTIX, NOJSENS, HATED BRUIT KOLLEKTIV) and Andrzej Turziak (:WULGATA:, MULTIPOINT INJECTOR). Out of merging two musical profiles comes the band placed firmly in the industrial stylistics with hints of dark ambient and noise.


SYNAPSIS - "Materia" CD  (Zoharum Records) - 10 euro - Second part of serie IYHHH. Zoharum presents new project of Dawid Chrapla (Nojens / Antibiotix) and Andrzej Turziak (:Wulgata: , Multipoint Injector). The album shows compilation of various styles: industrial, dark ambient and noise. Limited edition to 444 copies.


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TABOR RADOSTI - "Agartta" CD (Aliens Production) - 11 euro - Dark ambient surfaces in conjunction with shamanic rhythms of space corners and unearthly sounding voices are a reminiscent of a civilization gap between space-time and with their oriental breath flows in your subconscious mind literally with space pace. Great orchestral elements hypnotic loops and electronic arrangement waves in every corner of this space walk that knows how to dip deep into your imaginary interior. New material is a path that has its musical and internal magic as excellent cooperation with member of ARCANA, Ann-Mari Thim or nice cooperation in remix versions from masters such as: KENJI SIRATORI, AH CAMA SOTZ. The last work LAMAT determined the strong position and direction that has in this positions took even greater energy and balance so that we can only confirm that the demonstration of faith in the infallibility of cosmic cycles continues…




TAPHEPHOBIA - "Taphephobia" CD (Greytone) - 11 euro - Bleak and secluded sound world, featuring six looming movements of darkly, post-industrial, isolationist ambience in the pure nordic shining coldness. The music Taphephobia makes is mostly based on manipulated guitars (except house of memories that is mostly based on sounds). Taphephobia try to get out the feelings he has at the moment when Ketil compose the music. The idea is to create a atmosphere that is sometimes scary, and sometimes beautiful, like for example a good thriller drama movie. Taphephobia is very skilled to create a cinematic atmosphere combined with personal feelings like fear, hope, hate, regrets etc… The main goal is to make the listener able to dream away with the music.



  TAPHEPHOBIA - "Access To A World Of Pain" digipack CD (Greytone) - 11 euro - The Dark Ambient music Taphephobia (aka Ketil Sřraker, ex-Northaunt) makes is mostly based on manipulated guitars. Taphephobia tries to express the feelings Ketil has at the moment he composes his music. The idea is to create an atmosphere that is sometimes scary and sometimes beautiful, like, for example, a good thriller movie. Taphephobia is very skilled in the creation of cinematic atmospheres, combined with personal feelings of fear, hope, hate, regrets etc. The main goal is to make the listener able to dream away with the music. Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak.  
    TAPHEPHOBIA - "Anomie" profi CDr (Reverse Alignment) - 8 euro - This productive Norweigan act released its debut album "House of memories" this spring on Belgian label Nothingness records and have now signed to Reverse alignment. On Anomie Taphephobia steps forward in the progress of it´s guitardrone based dark ambient and evolving into it´s own path building soundscapes upon soundscapes in a meditative/hypnotic way. Professionally made CDr in a limited edition of 200 copies in jewelcase (handnumbered).  


  TCHERNOBLYAD - "Love" CD (Linija Shuma)  - 5 euro - lim.ed. 454 copies.Old school industrial/lo-fi power electronics. THERNOBLYAD is a project from St. Petersburg (or as he prefers to say – Leningrad) it built very realistic misanthropic and scareful atmosphere. THERNOBLYAD was influenced by aura of fog city St. Petersburg/Leningrad in the beginning of ХХ century. The esthetic of industrialization, antisanitary, mystic, violence of revolution – all these are in THERNOBLYAD. It is like the mix of classic German power- electronics (IRIKARAH, SOLDNERGEIST, OPERATION CLEANSWEEP…) and legends of St. Peter’s noise scene – Alexandra Lededev-Frontov (VEPRISUICIDA, VETROPHONIA, MINIJA MASS, STALNOY PAKT).  




TeHÔM - "Lacrimae Mundi" digipack CD (Cyclic Law) - 12 euro - Active in the mid 90's, Croatia's TeHÔM has been resurrected in the past years by original member Miljenko Rajakovic. Their first 2 albums were released on Twilight Command, side label of Douglas P's NER label. TeHÔM's founding member Sinisa Ocurscak unfortunately passed away in 1997, victim of a probable war related cancer. 3 years after his passing their 2nd album, and what was thought to be their last, "Theriomorphic Spirits' was finally released. The project was then laid to rest and years later finally revived. A very surreal, obscure and cinematic sounding opus has been created by Miljenko, following closely in the footsteps of previous works but now taking the project to new levels. Yet always in keeping with Sinisa's vision and in honor of his memory and spirit. Artwork By Dehn Sora. Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel digipack. 9 Tracks. Running Time 59:00

      TERRA  SANCTA - "Disintegration" CD  (Malignant) - SOLD OUT!!  
    TESTING VAULT - "The Laughing Torso" CD (Final Muzik) - 4 euro - Yes, we did it. dANi/Alvo's Testing Vault debut full length CD is available through Final Muzik. Obscure, isolationist (post) industrial soundscapes: in Testing Vault's music, love is hidden by painful moods and by a breathless atmosphere of pure fear. File under: early Coil, Virgin Prunes' "A New Form Of Beauty", Rozz Williams' experimental music projects, Italian cult industrial / ritual band Rosemary's Baby. "The Laughing Torso" features moody trumpet extravaganza by DBPIT and vocals by artist Val Denham. Angst industrial / experimental music! Digipack limited edition. 500 copies.  


  THE BEING – "Through Madness To Mercury" 12"LP (The Mercurius Collective) - 13 euro - The Being’s debut album deals with the concept of inner-transformation and personal growth on a spiritual level by combining the arts of philosophy & poetry, music & magic into one coherent whole. A musical style perhaps best described as neofolk / neocabaret - though not strictly bound to a genre as such - takes the listener on a journey through a the realms of self-transformation with a strange, unworldly and experimental mixture of moodswings that intentionally shock the mind and purposefully disturb the mental balance. 12" Brown vinyl in fold-around homemade cover including all lyrics.  
      THE BEING – "Through Madness To Mercury" CD (The Mercurius Collective) - SOLD OUT!!  








THE FLOATING WORLD “The Apparition” digipack CD (Cyclic Law) - 12 euro - The Floating World is the solo project of Amanda Votta. Begun in 2005, three albums have been released so far; Full Sturgeon Moon (Hand/Eye 2005), Unda (Barl Fire 2005) and River of Flowers (Foxglove 2006), appearing as well on a few compilations. Amanda has also collaborated with Gustaf Hildebrand in Lacus Somniorum, as well as with Far Black Furlong and New Risen Throne. She also has a band, Secrets to the Sea, with Neddal Ayad from Desolation Singers. The Apparition is Amanda Votta’s attempt to capture that moment when things are other than what they appear to be, when a sound is not just a sound, a voice not just a voice. The liminality of certain places, things, sounds, people, experiences, apparitions in their own right as they are neither here nor there serves as inspiration for our endeavor to reach for that which we cannot see. Just as it was the sound of Iokanaan’s voice that transfixed Salome, the sound and the words, we have blended sound and words to mimic that experience. The Apparition takes its name from the painting by Gustav Moreau depicting the apparition of Iokanaan appearing before Salome, a vision only she sees, that exists in a space between that which we see and that which cannot be seen. On this album Amanda is joined by Neddal Ayad (Desolation Singers/Great Attractor), Timothy Renner (Stone Breath) and Nicole Votta. Drifting, minimalistic ambiances are overlaid by The Floating World's signature flutes, combining to weave soundscapes that are as dreamlike as they are melancholic.


THE MOON AND THE NIGHTSPIRIT - "Mohalepte"  Digipak CD (The Moon and the Nightspirit Production) - 12 euro The Moon and the Nightspirit step into a new era with their long-awaited fourth album. Bewitching sylvan music inspired by Mother Nature.




  THE OPPOSER DIVINE - "Barb wire around your neck" CD (Aliens Production) - 10 euro - After successful experimentations and several digital releases we have a news from protagonist of TERMINAL STATE, he has released his solo album entitled The opposer divine. Minor Float on his album brings us a very interesting mix of electronic and experimental surfaces. Atmospheric tracks in down tempo surfaces of minimalistic tones and melodic lines often sound like the soundtrack for the dark sci-fi movie. Numerous analogue sequences of cybernetic vocals and explosive themes pressing on you from the introductory minutes. The combination of film music, ebm, idm and ambient color makes this project colorfully creative. Slovakia's production starts to take over a strong position in the generating of serious musical particles that knows to offer the concept for each music enthusiast.  

THE PRIDE OF WOLVES - "Dawn of the Wolves"  profi CDr (Skull Line) - 6 euro -CD is handnumb. and limited of 100 copies. Info: The Pride of Wolves are an Anglo/German co-production based in Manchester, England and Duesseldorf, Germany. The Members from the Debut Album are Naja af Wolffen and Black Wolf. *** Very varied debut album - TIP! *** Genre: Modern Classical, Militaryambient, Martial, New Wave, Experimental

      THERRADAEMON - "Den Morke Munnens Sprak" CD (Cyclic Law) - SOLD OUT!!  
    TOLL - "Christ Knows" CD (Cold Spring) - 5 euro - Cold Spring are very proud to re-issue the legendary LP released by Broken Flag in 1986, now for the first time on CD. Featuring Tim Gane (Stereolab), Paul Lemos (Controlled Bleeding) and Pacific 231. This completely remastered disc features the complete 'Christ Knows' LP plus 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Classic old-school British Industrial  
    TONAL Y NAGUAL - "The Hidden Oasis" digipack CD (Thonar Records) - 4 euro -  Neofolk, Chanson, Experimental / Second album by Bavarian folk band Tonal Y Nagual feature 17 more melodious and sombre songs mixed with some unexpected turns and twists. Comes in a beautiful Digipack with 8 pages booklet.  
    TOPOGRAFIA - "Genius Loci" CD (Greytone) - 10 euro - "Genius Loci" uses deep drones, ambient soundscapes, acoustic instruments alongside field recordings captured near Jaworzno, Poland. The project was inspired by the author personal fascination with the diversity of nature and the philosophy of Schopenhauer, who considered nature to be one of the most primaeval manifestations of a blind and aimless will, a will which we too are a part of. Topografia is Maciej Banasik (founder of ATUM). Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak.  
      TOR LUNDVALL - "Ghost Years" CD (Cold Spring Distribution) - SOLD OUT!!  



  TRAMA ALFONA - "Trama alfonA" digipack CD (Greytone) - 5 euro - Trama afonA is the sound/visual project by Lorenzo Scacchia - an attempt to tramaphonise (convey) what he sees in the dark and hears into silence. This Cinematic Dark Ambient album constitutes the first official release, gathering tracks composed between 2005 and 2008. TA pays particular attention to individual and specific human stories, rather than to history focusing on what happens behind the scenes, aside, beneath. Opening doors and drawers using the sole curiosity as tool, walking backwards the traces of memory, wandering amid shades and details given by mystery, decadence, abandon, romanticism. Carefully delving into psychological dynamics. Openly denouncing the social plagues, but often humbly providing just visual and sound suggestions. Digipak.  




  TRAUM’ER LEBEN - "Was wird bleiben" digipack CD (Lichterklang) - 11 euro - Five years, characterized by line-up changes and musical experimentents, the German Darkfolk-band TRAUM’ER LEBEN finally returns with their impressing new album „…was wird bleiben?“ Based on Hermann Hesse’s novel „Demian“ and the trials and tribulations of that time the album is completed by several more new tracks, describing personal ripenings and developments as well as the human interactions of a protagonist not defined any closer. TRAUM’ER LEBEN have grown personally as well as musically while the musical tenor has become more dark and melancholic than known by the band up to this date. „El Sol I La Neu“ emphasizes the long and intense friendship to the Catalan band Arnica while the remaining songs display what TRAUM’ER LEBEN trademarks have always been: the characteristic duets of female vocalist Bia and her male counterpart Jay, the great melodies and the enduring instrumentations of the perfectly arranged songs. The CD has been mastered by Axel Frank at the „Blue Lounge“ Studio in Berlin.  



  TREHA SEKTORI - "Endessiah" CD (Cyclic Law) - 12 euro - Imagined as the end of a cycle, initiated with 2012's "Endessiah" album, "Severh Sehenh" is not really the third album from Treha Sektori nor an e.p. It's to be seen an appendix, a specific chapter of time. It consists of a lone track, cut into different movements. The material was formally composed for live performances, with the overbearing urge of facing eyes, to live through them. Imagined as a burden to carry, a day we didn’t expect, and a final step that is unknown. No way to unload what is on our shoulders. Acceptance is the only way to trace a new path. Peaceful times with hard thoughts. Rough moments with joyful feelings. saveh erh anth ah erah leh, We will save what ties our throats. deverh ah temehera. koreska enh, We will remember in our hands, the day when we lost.  



  TRIANGULAR ASCENSION - "Leviathan Device" digipack CD (Cyclic Law) - 12 euro - Triangular Ascension is the debut album by Venezuela's Federico Agreda and a much welcomed addition to the Cyclic Law Roster. Taking inspiration from Thomas Hobbes book "Leviathan", the album aims to depict the inner nightmare of the reality of mankind, ever dwelling in fear and self-destruction. Upon activation of the "Device", the water once used by the Elohim to create life, rages over the lands cleansing the planet from every living creature that crawls the soil, concluding in a post-apocalyptic requiem sung by the leviathans themselves. The music translates into a carefully crafted work full of cinematic drones of ruthless atmospheric power, destined to make Triangular Ascension a name to be reckoned with.  
    TRINITHOS - "Zeichnungen" CD (The Eastern Front) - 10 euro - "Zeichnungen" ist das insgesamt vierte und dritte offiziell veröffentlichte Album von Trinithos. Datum der Fertiggestellung ist der Sommer 2009. Inhaltlich bewegt es sich im Strom und Atem des Meeres: Zwischen kontemplativer Besinnung in Text und Klangbau, zwischen Erinnerung in Eingängigkeit und melodischer Federführung und dem Sturm des Aufbruchs in Rhythmik und musikalischen Umbrüchen. Das Album enthält mit einer über 70 minütigen Länge insgesamt 12 konzeptionell angeordnete Lieder.  



  TRINITHOS - "333" CD  (Steinklang / Heimatfolk) - 8 euro - The debut-CD album of the German NeoFolk band TRINITHOS. the band was founded in the early millennium and in the past years they played several concerts together with their friends SEELENTHRON and TRAUM'ER LEBEN. their music is best to describe as dreamy NeoFolk with a slight DarkPop touch, with orchestral parts, martial drums and even some apocalyptically dark experimental passages. on "333" the band plays a large variety of acoustic instruments, like several different guitars, bass, violins, flutes, drums, didgeridoo,... as well as a few beautiful electronic arrangements. the vocals are polyphonic performances of German lyrics by male and female voices and deal about mythologic themes, natur romanticism and theories of cognition. 74 min. / 12 songs  
    TROUM - "Mare Idiophonika" digipack CD (Tourette) - 12 euro - New full-length album by Troum, the first part of the "Power Romantic" series. This is the studio version of Troum's live-programme from 2007, performed in several European cities, together with NADJA, ASIA NOVA and VOICE OF EYE. A new ending has been added later.  



  TROUM - "Seeing-Ear Gods" digipack CD (Zoharum Records) - 12 euro  - 'Seeing-Ear Gods' is the second collaboration between Troum and Zoharum. The album in question is the re-release of the obscure CDR which saw the light of the day 5 years ago on Discorporeality Recordings label. Here it is repackaged (3-panel digipak) and gloriously remastered by Anders Peterson (from Ghost Sounds mastering studio) responsible for dusting off other Troum / Maeror Tri releases. 'Seeing-Ear Gods' is quite different a release from 'Autopoiesis / Nahtscato' released on Zoharum last year. It's not as multilayered or varied, but at the same time is much more minimalist and hence very hypnotic. It works more on the subconscious level. It demonstrates how to create a mindblowing atmosphere with very little sounds involved. Just one track, divided into 6 separate parts, but be assured that you will press the 'repeat' button a lot of times.  
    TROUM - "Autopoisies/Nahtscato" digipack CD  (Zoharum Records) - 12 euro  - Two elder vinyls first time on CD. These vinyls materials aren't unvailable. Packaged in exclusive 3-panel digipack.  


  TROUM – "Ljubimaya | Daur"  CD (Abgurd Records) - 10 euro - Reissue of two 10" viny records released in 1998 and 2003. "Daur" was the very first release by TROUM, out on Cohort Records, best drones and treated guitar sounds. "Ljubimaya" was released by the Russian label Waystyx and carries you towards lyrical and touchy eternity of everbeginning melodies without an end, into emptiness of existence with all the uterine roar provided by YEN POX in one of the tracks. Cover art-work is a psychedelic image manipulation by Dmitri "HUM" Chistov. Limited to 500 copies.  
      TSARAAS "Shepot Zarytyh Serdec" ["Whisper of Buried Hearts"] CD  (Wroth Emitter) - SOLD OUT!!  



TSCHELJABINSK 65 - "The Demons Of Iron & Titan Woods / Ancient Forest" CD (Dying Art Productions) - 5 euro - Reissue onto CD of two demo EP releases from this now defunct German act, both dating back to 2002. Evenly divided between sombre ambient landscapes and dark Neofolk, thematically, "The Demons Of Iron" (Ltd x 121, Beverina) deals with human existence in our modern society. "Titan Woods / Ancient Forest" (Ltd x 200, Tosom) contains folk elements of acoustic guitar and flutes, but also incorporates a certain spirituality to it. 12 tracks of solitude, loneliness and depression. Ltd x 333 copies with 2 interchangeable covers.

  ..:: U ::..  

UN DEFI D'HONNEUR - "Verdun 1916" CD (Vrihaspati Records) - 5 euro - The second full-length album of A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR's French alias UN DEFI D'HONNEUR. this is the first full-length release of this french counterpart since the 'Aurore de Gloire' album (2003) on the Belgian label NEUROPA. In 2005 UN DEFI D'HONNEUR released a 12" in a gatefold cover on the same label and that release was packed with re-arranged material from the debut album. Now Peter Savelkoul returns with 8 brandnew tracks of Martial/Neo-Classical music, with some very suprising compositions.

  ..:: V ::..  






V/A - "From Earth to Sirius" digipack 2CD (Zoharum Records)  - 15 euro'From Earth to Sirius' is a form of message sent from the Earth to the brightest star. It is composed of 20 exclusive tracks prepared especially for this compilation. The 'From Earth to Sirius', dedicated to R.A. Wilson - one of the greatest philosophers of the turn of the centuries - a wise, insightful, witty, optimistic man, is a trial at reinterpreting the myth known to the man for the thousands of years.
 The music on the album oscillates between psychedelic drone, dark ambient, tribal and downtempo. Some of the projects approaches the theme in the vein of ritualistic music, the others realises their ideas through the sounds of universe and deep dark infinite space. There are humorous overtones as well, so characteristic for R.A. Wilson. The huge array of styles and themes depicts how wide and multilayered concept is the cosmos, its meaning and influence on the human lives.   S.E.T.I., DIFFERENT STATE, APOCALYPTIC VISIONS, EXPO '70, NORDVARGR, RAPOON, PHELIOS, ZENIAL, ELECTRIC URANUS, ATOMINE ELEKTRINE, X-NAVI:ET, KIA KARMA, HYBRYDS, OUROBOROS, AH CAMA-SOTZ, EMME YA, CHRISTBLOOD, UNKNOWN CALLER, KALLEE, THERION TRISMEGISTOS.


V/A - "Hyperthermia" CD (Aliens Production) - 10 euro -  18 bands 20 songs. Exclusive tracks with some different atmo combinations and modern electronics works. Industrial sounds from underground… Atmospherics vibrations from other side. Exclusive tracks from projects: Tod, Totakeke, Tokee, Atiq and Enk, Huron, Disharmony, Basementgrrr, Mind.Divided, Structural fault, Mnemonic, Flint Glass and Collapsar, Oxyd, Ish, Tapage and Syndemic, Stasis Device, Polygon, Headdreamer, Angel Epilepsia.


V/A - "Moral Hazard"   CD  (Indie-Ziert) - 5 euro - industrial / noise / power electronics compilation whit:  Schwadron / Jesus Of Nazareth / La Comunidad / Melodic Abortion Orchestra / Radio Murmansk / Cavum Oris / Mortuor / Hatred In Eyes / Climax Denial / Sewer Goddess / Leiche Rustikal / Schwadron / Persona / Mourmansk150 / Steel Hook Prostheses / Jesus Of Nazareth  - limited to 477 handnumbered copies.






V/A - "Trance" CD (Monochrome Vision)  - 5 euro Trance is the one-man project by american musician Mason Jones, known also as the founder of Charnel House label. During the 10 years of existence, he released 4 albums and numerous compilation tracks, which are often even more original and precious than album tracks. That's why we decided to gather them altogether for this release, which collects the most interesting material from the archives of the underground network.




V/A - "...where tattered clouds are stranding" 2CD (The Eastern Front) - 12 euro - Double CDs compilation of European neofolk, industrial, dark ambient projects dedicated to the art of Icelandic sculptor and painter Einar Jonsson (1874-1954). Almost all the songs presented on the compilation inspired by Einar Jonsson’s art are unique, previously unreleased and composed especially for this compilation. Part I “Grief” is a neofolk/martial part with the songs of Belborn, Storm Of Capricorn, Westwind, Rukkanor, H.E.R.R./Von Thronstahl, Horologium, Weihan, Cold Fusion, Larrnakh, Zebaoth, Agnivolok, Kammer Sieben, Aeldaborn and Cawatana. Part II “Birth Of Psyche” is dark ambient/industrial/esotheric part with the songs of Rose Rovine E Amanti, Wach, Objekt4, Hoarfrost, Gandolfs Gedanken, Shining Vril, Echo West, Gregorio Bardini, Artefactum, Kadaver, Bisclaveret, Sitra Ahra and Simulacra.






  VALENCE - "Allogene" Digipak CD (Lichterklang) - 10 euro  - For the first time in twelve years existance, american VALENCE release an album in Germany. Valence ist he musical union of N2 Itinitl and Sasha Feline, well known for their works with GNOMONCLAST and LUFTWAFFE. „Allogene“ ist Neofolk at it’s best. The instrumental basis of the rough songs is laid by drums, acoustic guitar, accordeon and a virtuos flute. Only now and then orchestral samples are being used to complete the overall impression. Although the influence of CURRENT 93 can not be denied, Valence have their own identity and remain fresh throughout the whole album. Along the rough charme of their initial neofolk roots, VALENCE fascinate by their powerful drumming which contrasts with the melancholic and fragile melodies. Especially the male vocals perfectly celebrate the nihilistic charachter of the music between sufferance and aggression, giving proof that neofolk arose from the ashes of the postpunk movement, while the female vocals emphasize the beauty of the moment. „Allogene“ is a rough and unpolished diamond of original and passionate neofolk, based on it’s powerful arrangements and the balance of the obvious contradictions. This is the kind of neofolk that should appeal to people who like IN GOWAN RING or BIRCH BOOK as well as CURRENT 93.  

VAZHES - "Seid"  DigiCD (Vegvisir Music) - SOLD OUT!!





VELEHENTOR | VISHUDHA KALI | CLOSING THE ETERNITY - "Ishopanishad"  DigiCD (Vegvisir Music)  - 11 euro - /Droning Ritual Dark Ambient/.  All tracks were recorded at live session back in December 2007. Here are no electric and synthetic sounds but natural acoustic instruments only. Activities: 3 dung chen, ting gzhang, lag rnga, drill bu, rkang gling, damaru, Tibetan singing bowls, physharmonium, bells & chimes. All music perfomed by 121 & Vishudha Kali (Andrei Bulin/Komarov). Throat singing & Shree Ishopanishad Divine Mantra chanting by Vishudha Kali (Andrei Bulin/Komarov). This album is dedicated to devotees of ancient times, explorers of the Eternity and of the reverse side of being. The people is coming & passing away, and life is too short, and the secret of Nature is still transcendent - impossible to be understood. Shree Ishopanishad Album was performed once as concert act. 


VERGISSMEINNICHT - "Whispering Solitude" digipack CD (MidNight Productions) - SOLD OUT!!

      VILGOĆ - "Use This Body of Mine for Any Purpose" CDR (Chaosynod) - SOLD OUT!!  
      VILKDUJA - "Nežinau" digipack CD (Dangus Records) - SOLD OUT!!  
      VILKDUJA - "Vakar duona" digipack CD (ltd. 333)  (Dangus Records) - SOLD OUT!!  

VISHUDHA KALI & MOON FAR AWAY - "Vorotsa" digipack CD (Not on Label) - 11 euro - Joint album by those 2 well known Rusiian projects who played together at many concerts and once they decided to create something really new. Powerfull vocals by count Ash of MFA mixed up to analogue sounds by VK. Extreme forms of expression mixed deep inside in the north Rusian Folklore, rituality, tradition and avantgarde experimentation.

      VISIONS - "Summoning The Void" CD (Cyclic Law) - SOLD OUT!!  
    VOICE OF MORRIGAN - "Orgetos" CD (Dying Art Productions) - 6 euro - Debut album by French devil piper Fearann (Valuatir, Carnyx, Manzer). Fearann ("Folk Earth") plays a multitude of instruments including several different bagpipes, oboe, Irish whistle and bodhran. Medieval and traditional compositions, similar to Corvus Corax and Stille Volk etc. Ltd x 500 copies.  
      VOMIR / SELYMES VIRAGSZIROM – Split CDr (Listen to Something Different Records) - SOLD OUT!!  

VON THRONSTAHL - "Bellum, Sacrum Bellum?!" digipack CD (Eternal Pride) - SOLD OUT!


VON THRONSTAHL - "Return Your Revolt Into Style" digipack 2CD (Trutzburg Thule) - SOLD OUT!!





VON THRONSTAHL / THE DAYS OF THE TRUMPET CALL  - "Pessoa / Cioran" - Digipack CD 2010 (Infinite Fog Productions) - 11 euro - Since 1998 year Von Thronstahl, led by the founder and leader Josef M. Klumb, remains to one of most appreciable and interesting groups on martial industrial/neofolk scene. The Days Of The Trumpet Call, it's neoclassic project by Raymond P., the musician of the Von Thronstahl. This split, is devoted the Portuguese poet Fernando Antonio Pessoa (1888-1935) and Romanian philosopher Emil Michel Cioran (1911-1995), their writings are used as lyric for this album.The melancholic neoclassics from The Days Of The Trumpet Call and probably strangest of all records Von Thronstahl where they balance on border between neoclassics and ambient, with a light touch martial and all the same, beautiful and charismatic, Josef's voice. CD is released in 6-pannel Digipak, with design by Federico Salvador(All my faith lost...)


VON THRONSTAHL - "Imperium Internum" digipack CD (Cold Spring) - SOLD OUT!!









VRESNIT - "Tunvet"  DigiCD (Vegvisir Music) - 11 euro - Released in 6 sided digisleeve, limited to 484 copies. Vresnit presented its CD-release contained ecstatic & exploring records made in the fall of 2008 and remastered in winter-spring 2009. Vresnit is the project of one man working for artistic embodiment of the creative rotation within the label Vetvei. He was formerly known as ruler of Kerpg label, Pugna, Vagranok, Nrodum and other projects, now ceased their activities. Deaf thickets and swamps, heaven ravines, lost voices, unseen birds. Eternal mosses, lichens, fog and ancient trees. The path lies deeply through the thickets and higher to the sun, meeting with ancient human-animals, keepers of the Book. Majestic and archaic canvas neither begins nor ends, woven by the Sledge of Three-Worlds-Animals. The Words of scratches, beats, rings and rustles - all goes into vibrating flow of crudely woven muscarinic Shamanic Drone Ambient atmosphere. Tunvet appears as primitive experience for co-breathing with Earth, diving into the twilight forest and flowing into its beyond. Slow and endless movement in a Circle that appears as Eternal Order. A Myth of the World-Man Creation, a dreamflight, a meeting with the Forest Spirits preying on the flesh and substituting it with metal and stones, giving life to the Ancient Co-knowledge. Created using field recordings, voices and woodwinds, metal gongs, percussion and "concrete" sounds. Gripping, saturating and transforming experience of raw wind, celestial chariots and chthonic naturalism.


..:: W ::..




WEIHAN – "Blódslitinn á Steininum" CD (Lichterklang) - 11 euro - Stronger than ever before and seven years after their last album, WEIHAN return with their impressing new album „Blóðslitinn á Steininum“. While the previous album of the belgium project were characterized by the divergency between Neofolk and martial based influences, Jurgen and Miguel used the long period to strengthen their music on a more sophisticated and variable version of Martial Industrial that is conceptionally founded in norsk sagas and sacrifial pagan rites. The title of the album therefore might also be translated as "The colour of blood on stone". „Blóðslitinn á Steininum“ emphasizes WEIHANS outstanding position in that particular genre. The album was mastered by Axel Frank at the „Blue Lounge Studio“ in Berlin.







WERKRAUM - "Early Love Music" wooden box CD + MCD (Ahnstern/Steinklang) - 15 euro - Wooden CD-box + 3" CD lim.300/Ahnstern 23 lim. this special edition comes in a beautifully printed wooden box with wooden inlay, holding a additional 3"CD with 4 bonus-songs. 74 min./18 songs.
from CD + 4 from MCD progressive & traditional, psychedelic & medieval folk songs and chants of Early Love. 14 dreamy memories of the merry blue days from Early Times. together with friends of the groups CHANGES, LADY MORPHIA and STURMPERCHT. With "Early Love Music" the German Folkmusician Axel Frank sets a surpassing milestone for the new generation of Folk artists. a year after releasing his quite Martial/Neoclassical oriented debut on COLD SPRING in 2004, Axel started to play the strings and flutes for STURMPERCHT in 2005. being heavily involved in composing several great folksongs for STURMPERCHT, Axel got "infected" by Max Percht (Sturmpercht) and found his love in late 60ies / early 70ies Psychedelic- and Progressive-Folk music. in late 2005 he released his debut in Folk music, the mCD "Kristalle" (actually not a mCD, but a small album with 6 tracks and 34 minutes), which found amazing approval under the audience and under many reviewers all over the planet. on "Kristalle" Axel was already accompanied by his fellows Nick Nedzynski (LADY MORPHIA), Nicholas Tesluk (CHANGES and PHASE II), Robert N.Taylor (CHANGES) and Antje Hoppenrath, who now again helped Axel in creating several songs and lyrics for "Early Love Music". further co-musicians on the new album were Hajü, Herr Wind and Max Percht from STURMPERCHT.




WHISPER OF TEARS - "Into The Night" MCD (Dying Art Productions) - 5 euro - The latest album from this dark Neoclassical solo female group from Guangzhou, China. The music of Whisper Of Tears creates an atmosphere that can echo with our inner emotions, like sorrow, dreams, longs and desire, loneliness etc. Through the darkness we can see light. There's no light without darkness... A very nice piece for fans of ethereal / medieval music with a bombastic edge, in the vein of Camerata Mediolanense, O Quam Tristis etc (without vocals). Ltd x 500 copies in an outsize black card envelope with inserts and a wax seal and silver print.


WOLFSKIN feat. LAST INDUSTRIAL ESTATE – "Stonegates of Silence" digipack CD  (Malignant Records) - SOLD OUT!!


WOLFSKIN - "O Ajuntar das Sombras" digipack CD  (Malignant) - SOLD OUT!!

  ..:: X ::..  



  X-NAVI:ET - "Dead City Voice" vinyl LP (Zoharum Records) - 16 euro - The second vinyl album by Rafał Iwański aka X-Navi:Et (of HATI, Voices of the Cosmos, KAPITAL, Innercity Ensemble fame). The theme of the city has appeared in the modern art territory quite a few times before. Wim Wenders, a cult German director, once said that "thecity shapes people, leaves its stigma on them and deforms them to its own likeness." Murray Schafer, a Canadian composer, while working on the concept of "soundscape", claimed that many of the surrounding sonic incidents infiltrates the music of our times. Following the footsteps of Charles Baudelaire among others, urban artists, Rafał Iwański and Ewa Bińczyk, replayed the city, penetrated its spirit and echoed it in their activities. Telling the city by means of sound and vision is becoming an inward journey as well.  



  X-NAVI:ET - "Dead City Voice / Remix Project" digipack CD (Istant Classic) - 10 euro - Limited edition to 200 copiec with art cover graphics by Agnieszka Zwara. Remixes by Z'EV, PURE, RAPOON, STARA RZEKA, Yannick Franck and MIRT. The best psychoactive sounds. Koncepcja na skompletowanie tego wydawnictwa narodziła się jeszcze w momencie edytowania albumu "Dead City Voice", wydanego na winylu i kasecie i zawdzięczam ją po części Z'EV-owi, który powiedział, że kilku artystów z którymi kiedyś współpracował nie miało pojęcia co to znaczy prawdziwy remiks. Według Z'EV-a prawdziwy remiks polega na pracy na surowym miksie albo nawet jeszcze lepiej - na wybranych z niego trackach. No i tak też zrobiłem - każdemu artyście wysyłałem osobne tracki danego numeru zebrane w jednym folderze, a oni robili z nimi co chcieli. Według mnie dało to ciekawy efekt, utwory na "Remix Project" są całkiem inne od oryginałów, mimo że szczątkowo można usłyszeć dźwięki źródłowe.  








X-NAVI:ET - "Soundtracks for the Dying Moments" LP 2012 (Istant Classic) - 15 euro -  Rafał Iwański a.k.a. X-NAVI:ET is a percussionist, wind-instrument player and electronic sound artist, known from his main outfit HATI. Performing as X-NAVI:ET, he presents electroacoustic-space-drone-music, a unique combination of analog electronic sound generators and filter machines with acoustic instruments and field/found recordings. "Soundtracks for the Dying Moments" is the title of his full-length solo debut album, released on limited to 250 copies vinyl via Instant Classic. „X-NAVI:ET is based on analogue modified electric and acoustic instruments. I’m talking about small percussive instruments, medium-sized gongs, Chinese and Arabic clarinets and found objects” – explains Iwański.

"Soundtracks for the Dying Moments" was carefully composed with the attention towards every small detail. It resembles a kind of musical storytelling. „It was crucial to create it as a story with memorable scenes, something like a movie to listen to. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the one and only logic of the sequences-compositions. I’m glad that people are coming back to traditional records and magnetic tapes which is a more holistic way of listening”. The album is released in a limited run of only 250 copies. 140gr LP is packed in handmade covers via a Cracow, Poland based indie label Instant Classic.

  ..:: Y ::..  








  YAMI KURAE - "La Sposa Dello Stagno" CDR + ARTZINE  + ART CARD SET (Crucial Blast) - 9 euro - ...with La Sposa Dello Stagno, the Crucial Blaze series is proud to introduce the incredibly creepy and disturbed music of Yami Kurae. Hailing from Italy but enshrouding themselves heavily in a mix of Japanese graveyard folklore and musique concrete techniques, this sounds like nothing that I've ever released before. The group feature members of the experimental Italian rock group Slumberwood (A Silent Place/Tannen Records), but this is not 'rock', nor any other easily identifiable musical form. Yami Kurae is the sound of Japanese demons slowly plucking away at ancient Tsugaru-jamisen songs on broken shamisen taut with cat-skin and spun silk beneath a blood-red moon. It is the nonsensical utterances of insane ghosts lurking between tombstones. It is a bizarre kind of low-fi dessicated deathfolk drenched in dissonance, dementia and disease. Across the twelve songs on La Sposa Dello Stagno, the band weaves together nightmare visions of dead spirits, harshly dissonant improvisations, fractured nocturnal folk, haunted chiming melodies, strange demonic gurglings and brain-damaged caterwauling vocals, the sounds rendered through a murky low-fi recording that is then twisted up and damged by sudden bursts of malfunctioning tape noise and other electronic fuckery, the recording sometimes dropping in and out, or warbling as if we're hearing this music being played back on old decomposing tape reels. After listening to La Sposa several times in a row, the image that kept creeping into my head in an effort to describe this strange din was that of a strange meeting of Jandek, AMM and Abruptum gathered together to perform a set of ancient Japanese folk songs while gradually becoming more and more ruined on low-grade opium...  
    YAROVIT – "Simargl`s Call" CD (Nihil Art Records) - 4 euro -  lim. 500 copies, jewel box, style: ambient / folk. Yarovit`s music is many-sided and advisedly cannot be put in limits of one defined style. The style can be termed heroic rhythmic Ambient - Folk, in some tracks with background guitar stuff, screaming "black" vocals and martial warlike lyrics on russian.  
  ..:: Z ::..  



  Z'EV - "Sum Things"  CD 2009 (Cold Spring) - 12 euro - Through an element darkly… In the fall of 2005 Z’EV began dipping deep into his archives and selecting recordings to produce ‘sum things / a possible form for cold dark matter’, a project reflecting his take on the ‘dark ambience’ genre. Composed between December 2005 and March 2006, these 6 pieces endeavor to transport the listener deep into their long forgotten memories of the primal forces at the dawn of creation. Each piece is based on a single sound source. Absolutely no effects of any kind, not even equalization, were applied to the source recordings. Instead Z’EV relied solely on the stretching of the duration and pitch of the samples and then edited and mixed the results down into the heart of space. Hear then, the state of the art in elemental musics. Not to forget the beautiful packaging by artist Abby Helasdottir.  
      ZALIVIA-D - "SM Beat Collection 2005-2008" 2CD in Metal Box (Dying Art Productions) - SOLD OUT!!  


  ZENIAL - "Connection Reset by Peer"  digipack CD - 11 euro - (Zoharum Records)  It's Zenial's first album in 6 years, and it shows his creativity in the context of live activity. It does not mean that 'Connection Reset by Peer' is a live album as such. Yes, the source material for the record was recorded live during sonic experiments and creating sound installations over the past few years. The album is not a compilation though-it's a well-weighed entity, thematically and sonically coherent. 'Connection Reset by Peer' is a result of interferences of environment sounds based to a large extent on electricity, radio feedback, electromagnetic field sounds emitted by current generators and elements of the so-called field recordings.  


  ŽENKLAS X - "Take" digipack CD (Dangus Records) - 10 euro - The enchanting acoustic improvisation of ethno sound and contemporary music - a new experimental delight from the legendary Lithuanian artists' group, reborned after 15 years! Played with variety of natural acoustic instruments, these 8 songs intake one to the mantric world of cozy mysterious sound, adding to archaic origins the oriental element, ambient, free-jazz, world, subtle electronic and avantgarde. Really calm and pleasant album, bringing folklore spirit, though never quoting it. Composed to listen and to find a personal bond with the language of sounds this record is to experience diversity and enjoy acoustic festivity. CD comes in a deluxe digipack, limited 1000 pcs.  
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