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ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO - "Songs 4 Hate & Devotion" [Limited] Gatefold LP


V/A - "Hyperthermia"


HEADDREAMER - "Human frequencies"


SUNSET WINGS - "Farewell"


V/A - "...where tattered clouds are stranding"


PHRAGMENTS - "The burning world"


ABANDONED PLACE - "Derelicts of Distant Hope"




SIEBEN - "Each Divine Spark"



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  HARD ART 11 - magazyn / informator kultury niezależnej / The eleventh number of HARD ART / 68 pages about the music, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language.  HARD ART 11 + DVD ZENIAL - "Minotaur / Chimera"  - GRATIS!! release from Zoharum Records. Inside interviews with AUTHOR & PUNISHER, SHE SPREAD SORROW, ZENIAL, GENETIC TRANSMISSION, ROTO VISAGE, MASZYNY I MOTYLE, DAISY BELL, NOWA ZIEMIA, JACEK ZIELIŃSKI (painter, graphic artist), DUHKA, BOANEGRES, K., ATTENNUTATION CIRCUIT. Articles about: RUNE GRAMMOFON (norweskim labelu), NICK DRAKE (history of life, creativity and artist's death), THE KLINIK, EUGENIUSZ RUDNIK (great article about Polish cult artist), MARIE MADELEINE (Lucifer & Morfina), BIOTOP, RESTYTUCJE... 10 pages reviews!, relations from festivals (Transgresje Festival, Castle Party, Kalisz Ambient) and more...
On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of magical artist
Jacek Zielinski. - 2 euro



  HARD ART 10 - magazyn / informator kultury niezależnej / The tenth number of HARD ART / 68 pages about the music, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language.  HARD ART 10 + CD  / ART OF EMPATHY - "Posthuman Decadence" digipack A5 CD - GRATIS!! release from Bunkier Productions. Inside interviews with Sebastian Madejski (BELTAINE IMPROVED, TAŃCE SNU, LOOPUS DUO, DAMA KRUK), TeHÔM, TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, SUI GENERIS UMBRA, PRZEMEK RUDŹ, BURMA PROJECT, MAREK PRZYBYŁA, 23 THREADS, ART OF EMPATHY. Articles about: PAMELA COLMAN SMITH (Tarot Rider-Waite), KWIATY KONTRKULTUROWEJ REWOLUCJI, NICO (History of artist life), NA FALI DŹWIĘKU (on soundwave), KORMORANY (sound delirium), relation from festivals: CoCArt Festival, Wrotycz Festival, Trans:Wizje and 15 pages reviews!!! On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of magical artist Marek Przybyla. - 2 euro  
    MORDFABRIK -  "Obscure the Sun" digipack CDr 2014 / Death Industrial / Dark Ambient /  Almost 40 minutes of cold death industrial music in 7 tracks. Climate album refers to the heyday of the music, to the first half of the 90s, when the CMI label thriving determined the trends in our music. "Obsucre the Sun" created by Bartosz R. founder of the project is an album whose driving force is cold, predatory sound. Dreamy postindustial visions carved in dark ambient compositions, raises the ominous atmosphere. The album definitely a night to contemplate. - 7 euro  


  HARD ART 09 - magazyn / informator kultury niezależnej / The ninth number of HARD ART / 68 pages about the music, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language.  HARD ART 09 + CD  / V/A - "Sound Around" CD - GRATIS.  Inside interviews with RAISON D’ETRE (Peter Anderson), PURGIST, B°TONG, DARKRAD, TUNDRA, 1997EV, THESE FATHERS HAVE PLUMES, RAFAŁEM KOSELĄ, JACKIEM DOROSZENKO, SPETTRO FAMILY. Articles about: ETHEL LE ROSSINOL and voices of the Archangels, THE ORB, ULTIMAE (panoramic music), MAURIZIO BIANCHI (Italian indigestible), SOUND AROUND, relation from festivals: Intermediale, Wrotycz Festival, Celebrating 23 Years Of Loki-Found, Castle Party and 12 pages reviews!!! On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of magical artist Rafał Kosela. - 2 euro  


  IN SCISSORS -  "The Circus of Ichneumons" ecopack CD 2014 / Dark Ambient / Neo-Classical /  IN SCISSORS returns with its fourth full length release "The Circus of Ichneumons", delving deeper into the cinematic themes hinted from previous works. Within the four acts of the album, expansive melodies ranging from baroque to ethereal and avant-garde create the soundtrack for a film or a theatrical play, that aches to be realized.
Vincent Andelmoth is the director of this dream act, Aimaproject the main narrator and the rest of the cast is full of special guests, including Maciej "Dragos" Mehring from Bisclaveret, Evor Ameisie, Michiel Spape from H.E.R.R. and Annamaria Bernadette Christian.
Mastering: Peter Andersson aka RAISON D’ETRE. -
11 euro



  HARD ART 08 - magazine / informant of independent culture /The eighth number of HARD ART / 68 pages about the music, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language. GRATIS one CD from two: NEKYIA - "Putgatory As the Serpent Domain" CD or K.STANISLAVSY - "End of All Thing" CD. Inside interviews with KARPATY MAGICZNE (Marek Styczyński), MACHINEFABRIEK, HER BELEX,  RE-DRUM, MIRT, AABZU (Maciej Szymczuk), 1000SCHOEN, WROTYCZ RECORDS, GHOSTS OF BRESLAU, MICROMELANCOLIE, TER, DARIUSZ WOJTAŚ, ECHOES OF YUL, ACCOMPLECE AFFAIR. Articles about GRUPA W SKŁADZIE: ((history of legendary project), THE WARP ((history of label),  MYRNINEREST / MADGE GILL (paintress, artistic outsider), relations from Wrocław Industial Festiwal, CoCArt Festiwal, Hrabdy Samoty Festiwal and :Audioskopia:, 14 pages reviews!!!. On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of Wiktor Jackowski.  - SOLD OUT  



  HARD ART 07 - magazine / informant of independent culture / The seventh number of HARD ART / 68 pages about the music, film, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language. HARD ART 07 + CD  / V/A – "In Progres vol. II" - GRATIS - Compilation with: LIPPOK, RAPOON, C.3.3., LAGOWSKI, JACASZEK, TROUM, PIOTROWICZ, MICHAEL BANABILA, Z'EV & HATI ... etc. Inside interviews with DESIDERII MARGINIS, AQUAVOICES, VOICES OF THE COSMOS, PARANOIA INDUCTA, RIGOR MORTISS, Radosław Deruba, MAMMOTH UTHANA (Rafał Kołacki), PAULUS (Totart), VULTURES QUAETET, LAHKA MUZA, BRUNO ŚWIATŁOCIEŃ, SECRETIA (Mirrorman & India Czajkowska), MORDFABRIK, GAAP KVLT, GAMMA FUNCTION. Articles about: TOUCH (history of label), HILMA AF KLINT (Old Chaos), DŹWIĘKI ZAKLĘTE (acoustic in Stonehenge), PHURPA (russian project with bon music), AN ANTHOLOGY OF NOISE & ELECTRONIC MUSIC vol. 7 (Sub Rosa), 9 pages reviews!!! On the cover and in this number are presented pictures of Iwona Górska.  - SOLD OUT  


  ELECTRIC URANUS / XNAVI:ET  - "Voices of the Cosmos II" digipack  CD 2013 / Oryginal Sound from Cosmos / Dark Ambient / The „Voices of the Cosmos II”  is the continuation of the previous album. In this case the radio signals related to the activity of the Sun became the main source of inspiration. The record was being created during the 2013 solar maximum (activity cycle no. 24).  In the compositions, a whole range of signals, accompanying the aurora borealis can be heard. They originate in bombarding the Earth’s magnetosphere with charged solar wind particles. While listening to these pieces we realize fully the permanent interaction between the Sun and the Earth.  - 11 euro  


  PARANOIA INDUCTA "Maze of Death" A5 digipack CD 2013 / Dark Ambient / Dark Death Industrial / The latest album of well known and valued for many years musical project. This is the continuation of the former album "Evil Angel" which gained great acceptance of listeners and reviewers. The "Maze of Death" is a very concept album which could be described in just three words: loneliness, fear and death! The title - 'maze of death' determines a metaphor of human life which is wandered in completely loneliness, blindfolded in completely darkness. We explore a lot of empty and blind underpasses which were often just an illusion and even hope for many of us. But the truth is that they turned out to be just an illusion which does not lead anywhere and the only outgoing is just death! This album contains over 50 minutes of cold and dark music. It is absolutely perfectly edited, painted digipack, size A5, decorated with unique pictures of one of a kind AMELIA!  Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. - 11 euro  
    DEAD FACTORY  "Nachtmusik"  special pack CD 2013 / Dark Ambient / Dark Industrial / After the recording hiatus, DEAD FACTORY returns with a brand new album and their first on silver CD. Around 41 minutes of Dark Ambient / Industrial music. Comes in a limited - hand-numbered edition 200 copies in special outsized packaging in an envelope with obi strip. It is the first collaborative release of Beast of Prey and Zoharum  - 10 euro  


  HARD ART 06 - magazine / informant of independent culture / The sixth number of HARD ART / 68 pages about the music, film, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language.  HARD ART 06 + CD / DEAD FACTORY – "Nachtmusic" - GRATIS -  Inside interviews with ANDREW LAGOWSKI, India Czajkowska, MONOPIUM, DEAD FACTORY, LAKES, Marcin Owczarek, Anna Pilewicz (AQUALUNA), SYNAPSIS, ROME, LUDOLA, VILKDUJA, DAT RAYON, SISYGAMBIS. Articles about: MAEROR TRI,  SOROR RHODON (Mary Butts), MAGICZNE DŹWIĘKI PERDURABO (Aleister Crowley in music), POLSKA SCENA NOISE, GRDYIVAL "ENERGIA DŹWIĘKU", PETE NAMLOOK (1960-2012), AN ANTHOLOGY OF NOISE & ELECTRONIC MUSIC (about label Sub Rosa), 10 pages reviews!!! On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of  Marcin Owczarek.  - SOLD OUT  


  HARD ART 05 - magazine / informant of independent culture / The fifth number of HARD ART / 64 pages about the music, film, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language.  HARD ART 05 + CD / "SENSITIVE DATA2 - JUBILEE EDITION" - GRATIS -  Inside interviews with SVARTSINN,  Wojcek Czern / second act (OBUH RECORDS), F.T.B.P.D & BISCLAVERET, LILITH BLACK MOON (Zakon Lucyfera), Marcin Łojek (MATICHORA / SCHMERZ / XAOC DEVICES / SOULWORM EDITION / NEW NIHILIZM RECORD) , EWA BIŃCZYK, X-NAVI:ET, BENICEWICZ, BIONULOR, LYS, CHRONIQUE NOCTURNE, X-NAVI:ET, RAPOON, ETA-LABEL, AB INTRA, ULTRA MAIL PROD. Articles about: BIOSPHERE, SOROR GRIMAUD, POLSKA SCENA NOISE, ARCHIVE SERIES (KIRKUT-KONCEPT, RIGOR MORTISS), FRANCIS PICABIA. 10 pages reviews!!! On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of Ewa Bińczyk.  - SOLD OUT  



  IN SCISSORS -  "Destin" Luxury A5 digipack CD 2012 / Dark Ambient / Neo-Classical / Are we bound by a predetermined destiny, or do we forge our own path in life?"
John Santerineross sets the question through his short film "Destin", iNsCissorS from Hellas sets the question by composing it's original score with Vincent Andelmoth on the piano, soundscapes & effects, Jason Andelmoth on Cello and Angel W.Black on Vocals & Choirs creating a unique cinematic ambient/neoclassical piece to dress one of John Santerineross dark films.  Peter Andersson (RAISON D"ETRE), Mich Spape (H.E.R.R.), Simon Kölle (MUSTERION, ZA FRUMI, A
BNOCTO), INNER VISION LABORATORY and HOARFROST place their own aspect of the same question by remixing the original score of iNsCissorS, each one in his own way! CD in special A5 digipack including along two additional bonus tracks.  - 11 euro


  bop 7.6  EWT 811 -  "B0833-45" Micro Memory Stick M2 (+USB) / 2012  / oryginal sounds from cosmos / dark minimal ambient / EWT 811 - side project of Anthony Armageddon Destroyer (PARANOIA INDUCTA). The album which presents only original extraterrestrial sounds captured  from space by pulsars, stars, planets, sounds from space missions, scientific and meteorological satellites, radio signals and the space itself. No electronic and acoustic instruments are used in recordings of this album. Every track is created with original space sounds only slightly enriched with effects or sounds processors just to improve the quality of sound. All that makes this album very unique. 37 minut - Dark Ambient / Minimal + video.  - 10 euro  




  bop 7.5  ELECTRIC URANUS / X-NAVI:ET  -  "Voices of the Cosmos" digipack CD 2011  / oryginal sounds from cosmos / dark ambient / In recordings of this album original extraterrestrial sounds captured from space by radio-telescopes (pulsars), sounds from space missions and the space itself. Every artists created 3 tracks that form the 40 minutes album. Instrumental tracks played and recorded in rhythm with tones of "space sounds", are made manually with use of electronic and acoustic instruments. All that makes this project very unique. It is the only type of it in Poland. The project had also gain reputation in science circles. "VOICES OF THE COSMOS" is the electroacoustic dark ambient (although it should not be genered this way), it's music that in 100% the title itself explains - the voices of cosmos. As a bonus two tracks are added in video version, made with exclusive video-art by Chris Konky. The "VOICES OF THE COSMOS" is released by Beast Of Prey and Eter Records in a three panel digipack. - 11 euro  



  bop 7.2  PARANOIA INDUCTA "Evil Angel" digipack CD 2010  /dark ambient / dark & death industrial/  "Evil Angel" is an album touching the deepest emotion in human being, tender, subtle, uneasy. PARANOIA INDUCTA has gain a lot of respect for it's earlier albums and it's one of the most valuable projects on Polish dark sounds scene. With "Evil Angel" it shows that it has a lot to say, as it is one of the most personal albums of PARANOIA INDUCTA, and one of the most sensitive albums released on BOP. On "Evil Angel" we have tranquil and balanced dark ambient soundscapes, tender whispers and voices... - and fading in distance. Big dose of incredible industrial sounds, dying machines that represent PARANOIA INDUCTA's music so well. And the quality of individual sounds... beautiful album!  - 11 euro  



  bop 7.1  DREDDUP - "El Conquistadors" digipack CD 2010  /industrial / post-rock / machine sounds/ DREDDUP is an industrial, machine, dynamic, and energetic project from Serbia. It is a rare occasion to see a project from the Balkans on the European market. DREDDUP has huge creative potential, and its performances are particularly dynamic, which places it in the forefront of the European industrial scene. Their truly apocalyptic lyrics touch on subjects such as time, transience and existence. 'El Conquistadors' gives you 70 minutes of hardcore, dynamic industrial/rock music similar in fashion to Einstürzende Neubauten, The Young Gods, or Laibach. It is their third album, and it constitutes the last part of the trilogy preoccupied with the notion of time. 'El Conquistadors' tells a story of the here and now and of the boundaries of the human soul.  - 11 euro  



  bop 7.0  INNER VISION LABORATORY - "Anywere Out Of This World" digipack CD 2010  /dark deep ambient / darksounds/ This new album by a Polish group explores the phenomenon of Ambient music. The project's use of surround sound, its combination of various styles and field recording methods makes it characteristic and easily recognizable. 'Anywere Out Of This World' will take you on an amazing journey into the world created by INNER VISION LABORATORY, a journey which will inspire your heart and spirit.  On 'Anywhere Out Of This World' you will find perfectly arranged and well-balanced ambient compositions, spatial collages underpinned by folklore, which emphasizes the album's specific nature. As usual, suitable piano parts reflect the record's character.  - 11 euro  
    bop 6.9  Paweł Zaremba  "SEZON KULTURALNY W SODOMIE"  book 2010  /literature - the volume of the poetry/  Format:  Book A5 / Language:  only Polish - 5 euro





  bop 6.8  GROBBING THRISTLE  "Hidden Strategies" digipack CD 2009  /postindustrial / Who would expect that under the name Grobbing Thristle are hidden mutated clones of Genesis P. Orridge, will be surprised by the amount of sound strategies used by the Polish ensemble. On one of the levels Grobbing Thristle play steel symphony of postindustrial earthy Inferno. Noisy wind of clicks, cracks, laptop grinds, insect like microsamples and psychotic looped vocals lead into paranoic world like in novels of Philipa K.Dicka. The thing that scares here the most is by paradox, the most common and accustom element - voice. The words "...So yes I have to go now, so bye bye..." opening the album sound like a goodbye before descending into the abyss. But this is a hell of cybernetic robots - this is a music that brings pain. Fortunately for artistic might of the recordings GT knows how to dose it.  - 11 euro  


  bop 6.7  ATUM  "Legendy Miejskie" digipack CD 2009  / dark ambient / darkdrone / "Legendy miejskie / Urban Legends", the latest album by ATUM, has just arrived! "Urban Legends", arguably one of the strongest titles of the Beast of Prey label, is an extraordinary album, composed mostly of field recordings registered in Jaworzno, the home town of ATUM. It is an attempt at reconstructing the surroundings in order to distill something that eludes the every-day experience. Despite its private character, the message of the Legends is universal as well. Everyone of us passes dozens of places we think are "tamed", places seemingly devoid of meaning. Just a little effort is what it takes to dispel this illusion.  - 11 euro  


  bop 6.6  BRANDKOMMANDO - "USA – the United States of China" book CD 2009 <limited edition 350  copies>  / noise / power electronics / industrial / New album of BRANDKOMMANDO, another portion of power electronics, good old harsh and more and more common vocals. Everything sharp, pervert, without mercy. This album is only for mature people!! Over 50 minutes long album will with ease make a slurry with the brain, makes you feel sick and repugnant. The album content is only for mature listeners. It shows the image of perverse reality, disgusting facts that we are surrounded by, that we learn from internet, television or press and we watch them with dread, thinking where this world is coming to. The album was released as a 12 page booklet with graphics, speaches, commentaries. - 10 euro  
    bop 6.6a  BRANDKOMMANDO - "USA – the United States of China" BOX CD + 3'CDr 2009 <limited edition 100  copies>  / noise / power electronics / industrial /  New album of BRANDKOMMANDO released as collectioner edition BOX with additional 3'Cdr that was recorded along with KRĘPULEC and contains four tracks in vein of power electronics/industrial. Cardboard box with silicon fetish toy and graphic bonuses. Limited edition in 100 copies. BOX is for mature people only!!  - 20 euro  


  bop 6.5  NORDVARGR - "Untitled Navigations I" CD 2009 <limited edition 300  copies>  / deep dark ambient / dark sounds / New album of the northern wolf, leader on the Swedish scene of dark sounds. Co-creator of such projects as MZ412, TOROIDH, or FOLKSTORM for the second time appears on Beast Of Prey. Untitled Navigations I was recorded live in the Villa Bohult studio, and is one massive ambient piece of slow moving darkness. As the soundscape evolves, rythmic patterns appear and merges with the crackling of broken records and deep resounding frequencies. Partly based upon Nordvargr´s previous attempts to alter sleep patterns, this recording also contains theta/delta waves, but the reason for this is not revealed. - SOLD OUT  
    bop 6.4  MONOPIUM - "Mesmerized" CD 2009 <edition 500  copies>  / psychodelic / neo-cabaret / dadamusic / Debut album of polish project MONOPIUM is definitely something new and different on our Polish music scene. Based on fascinations of dadaism, avantgarde, atmosphere of old Berlin cabarets and surrealism is unusual  music project. Over 40 minutes of psychodelic and avantgarde music. The mix of different genres and styles that cannot be described in one word. - 10 euro  
    bop 4.3  V/A  "Abnormal Beauty"  digipack CD 2009  - / Dark Ambient / Ritual and Industrial / Dark and beautiful compilation of first league music projects. Without any further delays, ladies and gentleman we present to you: PARANOIA INDUCTA, DESIDERII MARGINIS, [haven], KRĘPULEC, NEKYIA, BOCKSHOLM (Peter Andersson / Raison d'etre), KARJALAN SISSIT, HOROLOGIUM, DEAD MAN'S HILL, STAHLWERK 9, CONTEMPLATRON. Urelease tracks.  - 11 euro  


  bop 6.3  :WULGATA:  "Ressurection of those days… a third book Has been writen"  digipack CD 2009  - / Dark Ambient / Ritual and Etno Sounds! / New album of great project WULGATA opens a new page in it's history. Over 10 years of music experiance doesn't leave any doubts. Project doesn't hide it's fascinations of easter and ethnic cultures, to the point you can hear original recordings of didgeridoo and other ethnic instruments. All this combined with modern dark ambient music.    - 10 euro  
    bop 5.9  VILGOĆ - "Ubytki"  CDR 200  <limited edition 180  copies> /power electronics, noise - special packing, handmade/   New VILGOĆ album is a 100% power electronics / noise music. This album is an essence of what you may see during the projects live performance, expression and devastation. Reality closed and transformed into impulse, sound and distortion. Over 40 minutes that will cruch your hearing organs. - 6 euro  


  bop 5.8  PARANOIA INDUCTA "Pia Fraus"  CD 2008    <limited edition 444  copies> /dark ambient / dark industrial - special packing, handmade/ Second part of the Lux Mundi trilogy. This trilogy is a tribute to all those who died, were killed, deceived, humiliated and oppressed by chatolic church. More than 50 minutes long album, on whitch the creator of PARANOIA INDUCTA, Anthony A. Destroyer once again invited eLL from SUI GENERIS UMBRA nad Robert Marciniak from RUKKANOR. Dark ambient album with specific atmosphere of death and industrial sounds, choirs, songs and voices. The cd is unusualy released - red coverwith 12-page booklet filled with graphics marching every track. The booklet is inside specially designed cross-shaped envelope and sealed. In front of the cover we find sign along the red seal.  - 10 euro  



  bop 5.7  HATI "Die Mechanik, Die!"  digipack CD 2008  - The album of the group from Torun - this time under the banner of Beast of Prey. A characteristic trance-gong-drone-music in the release "Die Mechanik, Die!" has been saturated with electronic sounds. Such HATI will suprise many of you! More than 45 minutes long album perfectly recorded during the performance in "the Mechanik" club in Gdansk. This time HATI famous for its acoustic sounds - made propably the darkest CD in its discography, the CD enriched with dark ambient tones. Tarry and heavy backgrounds perfectly harmonized with trance and mechanical instrumental variations of musicians move the imagination and bring nearer the world of the dying mechanics.  - 10 euro  


  KRĘPULEC - "Martial Industrial Power with Parabellum in the hand"  digipack CD 2008 (Twilight Rec.) - Death Martial Industrial / Military Samples! -  Is like parabellum, a shot in your head, martial industrial music for all the fans of Krepulec and also for the fans of this kind of sounds. A very intense experience, different than the other works, but with the sign of Krepulec. In the beginning this album was an split: Krepulec and Cold Fusion and was released by Beast of Pray in a very Limited edition 3"CDr of 66 handnumbered copies in special package.    - 11 euro  
    T-shirt  BEAST OF  PREY - label of dark music /  The black T-shirt (100 % cotton / 145 gram) with the grey print at the front, full size:  M, L i XL, XXL - 8 euro  


  bop 5.2  NEKYIA – "Alchemalady"  CD 2008  <lim. ed. 456 copies>  Whatever You could call NEKYIA music, there are always elements that move past used musical patterns. "Alchemalady" is an album founded upon a strong and solid rhythm, whose walls are build by uncommon arrangement rich in various sounds. And the binder is an alchemical concept, merge together element with element, track with track, sound with sound. "Alchemalady" is a 60 minute long, dynamic album, full of rhythm, female and strong male vocals, whispers and singings.  Unconventional released album made of 130mm x 180mm cardboard. Three sepearete cards with from brown cardboard with  golden prints. - 10 euro  


  bop 5.1   ATUM – "Hitwa" CD 2008  <lim. ed. 444 copies> New album of Polish project Atum is atry in creating such images in our minds. As a guests on the album participated: INFAMIS, DEAD FACTORY i EQUUS. 47 minutes long album of strong dark ambient. Sounds, calm, and growing, pulsing create a grim atmosphere. Album diversified by rhytm loops, industrial hits and also acoustic guitar. Sounds for a Cold Meat fans, something between Desiderii Marginis and Megaptera!! Unconventional release in 135mm by 150mm format, printed on a cardboard 45cm long. - 10 euro  
    bop 5.0   :WULGATA: – "Echoes of the past...not far away"  CD 2008 <lim. ed. 444 copies>  "Echoes of the past...not far away" is a compilation of what best in WULGATA, most bold and most varied. 55 minuts album composed from grim dark ambient sounds to rhtmical and industrial elements. Varied album depicting early Cold Meat sounds combined with what the best od Coil's "Musick to Play in the Dark”. Unconventional release made from brown and printed cardboard. Uncommon shape after folding creates 130mm x 180mm package.  - 10 euro  


  bop 4.7  PARANOIA INDUCTA feat. KENJI SIRATORI - "Black Paper" CD 2007 Split of two musical genres. The surprising album that they made together is a grim dark ambient, with lot of Japanese culture infuences, instruments and sounds. Filled with songs made by Kenji in his native language. Cold soundscapes filled with soul of Japanese warrior give this album unique feel! Unconventional release in A5 format, folded, with two postcards and photo. Graphics styled in Japanese culture! 54 minutes of music released on a CD with unconventional graphics!! - 10 euro  


  bop 4.4  BRANDKOMMANDO  “Keine Arbeit Macht Frei!” CD 2007  <limited edition 350 copies> /power electronics - special packing, handmade/  New album of our Polish project BRANDKOMMANDO. Over 60 minutes of Hard ride now with hars vocals in power electronics vein! Walls of merciless noise, distortions and extremes that BRANDKOMMANDO doesn't save. Unconventionally released album. Line of printed paper folded to 13cm x 18cm size. Special formed paper with vertical cut for closing the package. Package hand cutted and folded, hand numbered to 350 copies. - 10 euro    



bop 4.1   DESOLATION ZONE  “l'homme machine” CD 2007  <limited edition 444 copies> / dark and death industrial - special packing/ New full lenght album of industrial project DESOLATION ZONE. 40 minutes of industrial compositions, machine rhythms and factory noises. The struggle of man with the machine with use of industrial-acoustic sounds, devices, objects attached with electronic samplers. On their workbench DESOLATION ZONE with skill cuts and shatters with surgical precision. The album is released in an unconventional package, a metal can with a sticker. It contains CD, black latex gloves and original surgical scalpel hermetically packed. Folded insert with infos, all limited and hand numbered to 444 copies.  - 10 euro





bop 4.0   GENETIC TRANSMISSION  “Ascetic”  CD 2007  <limited edition 444 copies> / experimental industrial - special packing, handmade/  "Ascetic" is an acoustc, experimental album in bruit convention represented by GENETIC TRANSMISION. Over 60 minutes journey trough ascetic world of industrial collages. It's like cubism, synthetic in music, acoustic colours, natural objects and artistic deformation become a discussion between reality and art. What in reality and sorrounding is common for us GENETIC TRANSOMISIONS deforms, shatters and turns in it's bruit style. In recording of "Ascetic" were used mainly field recordings, experimantal-industrial sounds and combined allogether. The album is released in an unconventional package, in form of round paper circles of 150mm diameter. Three round paper inserts plus two round inserts of brown paper. In all circles are four holes and all is combined with a small rope. The CD is attached on a rubber insert between the papers. All hand made and numbered, to 444 copies limit.  - 10 euro

    bop 3.4  NEKYIA "Slowmotion Downhells" CD 2006   Latest NEKYIA album, the new incarnation in dark ambient sounds with some rythmics. "Slowmotion Downhells" is the forth album presenting alchemistic- ritual face of the project. 52 minutes of material will take you to underworld filled with dark sounds. A piece of parchment folded to A5 envelope, two inner inserts in A5 format, all is waxed and foiled.  - 10 euro  
    bop 3.2  V/A "Brewery in Piotrków Trybunalski"  2CD 2006 <edition A5 (book) 444 copies> /special brewery compilation  -  A5 book, 28 pages with all graphics and photos made by bands. All printed on a special yellow paper. Cd's griped by a special elastic to handle the cd. All is foiled, hand numerated to 444 items.  -  /DIVISION-S, ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI, HOROLOGIUM, ASMOROD, KREPULEC, NEKYIA, SATOR ABSENTIA, OUT OF SIGHT, WERMUT,  THE WELL OF SADNESS, DER ARBEITER, STORM OF CAPRICORN... and more/  - 13 euro  
    bop 3.0 STORM OF CAPRICORN / PARANOIA INDUCTA "Jama"  CD 2006   "Jama": is a story and cd devoted to tragedy of balkan world. Dark history enriched by beauty of balkan folklore. French project STORM OF CAPRICORN presents dark martial ambient and polish project PARANOIA INDUCTA shows music full of folklore.  CD issued very originally in A5 format, folding cover with two additional postcards and photography. 45 minutes of music issued on CD, all in atypical graphic style!  - 10 euro  
    bop 2.3 NEKYIA - "Purgatory As The Serpent Domain"  CD'05  The great new album of NEKYIA project presents beautiful darkwave / dark rhythmic ambient. 50 min of music, powerful sounds and very good vocals!! - 10 euro  

bop 2.1 H.E.R.R. / DER ARBEITER / STORM OF CAPRICORN / GHOSTS OF BRESLAU - "Hopes Die In Winter"  CD'05   (Special releases devoted refugees. Beautiful neo-folk / neo-clasic / military pop / dark ambient music....   ) - 10 euro

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