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  MORDFABRIK -  "Obscure the Sun" digipack CDR 2014  / Death Industrial / Dark Ambient /

Almost 40 minutes of cold death industrial music in 7 tracks. Climate album refers to the heyday of the music, to the first half of the 90s, when the CMI label thriving determined the trends in our music. "Obsucre the Sun" created by Bartosz R. founder of the project is an album whose driving force is cold, predatory sound. Dreamy postindustial visions carved in dark ambient compositions, raises the ominous atmosphere. The album definitely a night to contemplate.





  IN  SCISSORS - "Destin-Music for a film by John Santerineross-  Luxury A5 digipack CD 2012  / Dark Ambient / Neo-Classical /

Are we bound by a predetermined destiny, or do we forge our own path in life?"
John Santerineross sets the question through his short film "Destin", iNsCissorS from Hellas sets the question by composing it's original score with Vincent Andelmoth on the piano, soundscapes & effects, Jason Andelmoth on Cello and Angel W.Black on Vocals & Choirs creating a unique cinematic ambient/neoclassical piece to dress one of John Santerineross dark films. Peter Andersson (RAISON D"ETRE), Mich Spape (H.E.R.R.), Simon Kölle (MUSTERION, ZA FRUMI, ABNOCTO), INNER VISION LABORATORY and HOARFROST place their own aspect of the same question by remixing the original score of iNsCissorS, each one in his own way! CD in special A5 digipack including along two additional bonus tracks.
A release by Beast of Prey in collaboration with No Angels Prod.






  SGHOR - "Le Grand Mystere" profi CDR 2009 / dark ambient / deep darksounds /

New release in Colaboration Beast Of Prey, Polish projekt of dark ambient with very dark, black and eternal sounds. "Le Grand Mystere" = 70 min album.

"...Black, cold, the surrounding space. Without sound, without a bit of breath. Somewhere far away beyond the borders of the senses, outs of time, you can hear hopelessly long cries, sad, never-ending monotonous song of emptiness. Emptiness fills everything. Even hearts so far full of life now are dead. All overflows undescribed sorrow, starting off where everything was beginning. Amazing black, deep unlimited black. Darkness nothing more, there is no light. Far flare of perspective changes driven every day. The hours, days, months, years are irrelevant. Waiting gradually turned into the reluctance, the reluctance into sadness, sadness into pain. Far strenuous pain, of all colours of grey - the colour black. ..." SOLD OUT








  INNER VISION LABORATORY & ROTO VISAGE - "Cinema Stain" profi CDR 2009  <edition 200  copies> / dark ambient / melancholic darksounds /.

We would like to present a unique opus, which appears as a co-operation of Inner Vision Laboratory (Poland) and Roto Visage (USA) projects, symbolically entitled "Cinema Stain".

Here, the listener is forced to wale in pathological and "impure" visualizations of human pain, fears and suffering, which are surprisingly seducing with subtle beauty. Some of the soundforms are painted heavily with a brush of rhythm while others flow like the spools of film spinning through a mechanical projector. The aim of both of the composers was to write an original soundtrack to a non-existent horror film – the result is excellent, and by taking vocal samples from other movies, they created also an auditory record of tension and melancholic darkness. For layout of this release, we used modified photographs from the very talented photographer - Karolina Kosowicz.

Packaging is non-typical: professionally printed and professionally duplicated CDR with additional graphical insert are placed in a plastic box (slim dvd box type). Inserts and covers are professionally printed on gloss paper. Edition is limited to 200 hand numbered copies. Album production by No Angels Prod. and Beast Of Prey. SOLD OUT








NOJSENS - "Transmisja"  CDR 200 <lim. ed. 67 copies> Experimental noise / analog bruityzm!

Debut album of experimental project NOJSENS released in colaboration with Beast Of Prey. Project has been around for some time, and his creator Dawid Chrapla is experienced in colaborations with Genetic Transmission and co-founder of Hated Bruit Kollectiv.

The album "Transmisja" is a psychedelic bruitysm with use of synths inspired by Gebetic Transmission as well as technically crafted nosie  made from tiny sound parts. Fast, exploding fragments filled with streams of sound mix with more static parts, occasionally torn by more noise fragments and loops. At the same time the sound is more clear than typical noise build on hardware or static sound sources. Samples and hums combine with synth parts, but there are also metallic, extent fragments as well as bits - dynamic and much processed, more distant from more trans approach to music.

The album is limited to 67 copies, with 18x18cm cover size, professionally printed on a CDR. SOLD  OUT





  IN  SCISSORS - "The Veratrine Evangelicum"  CDR 2007  <limited edition 150 copies> / dark ambient - special packing/

Release in collaboration with No Angels. Greek project IN SCISSORS created dark ambient/experimental album "The Veratrine Evangelicum" based on religious thread, where main idea was to make soudtrack to some place deep in underground. Wet, dense atmosphere, stench of fust and thrills which you can feel in ancient tombs or fallen snctuaries. In Scissors takes us there to show forgotten, frightful ceremonies, cultivated by groups of fanatics. For them Primised Land is... under the surface. Atmosphere of this album can be noticed also in "dirty" graphic design, dominated by colours of rotten green and bronze, filled with specific religious pictures.

Unconventional release - professionally printed CDr in hard foil envelope, placed in 3-part folded, professionally printed, cardboard package. Extra card with graphics is placed inside. Foiled. Size is 14x14 cm. Edition limited to 150 handnumbered copies.  SOLD OUT

    BRANDKOMMANDO - "Pax Vobiscum" CDR 2006  <limited  edition 100 copies / power electronics>

Płyta wydana w kolaboracji Beast Of Prey w ścisłym nakładzie limitowanym do 100 sztuk. 70 minut power harsh noise. Agresywna, ostra i ekstremalna dawka dźwięków! Wydana w kopercie A5, owinięte siatką z tworzywa sztucznego, ręcznie numerowana do 100 sztuk !! SOLD  OUT

    BRANDKOMMANDO - "More Hate" CDR 2006  <limited  edition 50 copies / power electronics>

/polish project - power electronics - harsh noise - dvd packing/  Album issued in collaboration in Beast Of Prey in strict limited to 50 pieces edition. Only for fans! Crushing 40 minutes of power electronics. Aggressive, sharp and rebellious album with vocals!! Issued in DVD box, hand-numerataed to 50 items!!  SOLD  OUT

    KROTHOR "Czerń"  CDR'06  /dark ambient /

Release of No Angels Prod. in colaboration with Beast Of Prey.  Emotional journey through dark corners of mind, where madness and calmness, desire and fear as well can be found. Original mixture of dark ambient structures with symphonical parts. Often rythmical but also fragile "waving". Very rich arrangements including whispers, recitations and screams - all in Polish language.  Unconvetional release: CDR placed in cardboard envelope with professional prints - foiled. Limited 100 copies. First 10 copies are placed in exclusive, hard case imitating black leather with silver embossed inscriptions.  SOLD  OUT

    INSPHERA – „Insomnia" CDR  /dark ambient /

Dark ambient / industrial with some light tasty noise and harsh elements. This release is dedicated to all, who suffer from insomnia.. It’s a mix of dynamic and melancholy, strong beats and delicate sounds, broken industrial rhythms crossover with almost mystic atmospheres. Different sounds like different moods during lonely sleepless night. Released as a CD-R with unconventional, individual black stick on it, super slim DVD case with color printed cover. Limited edition of 111 pcs. packed in numbered envelope. SOLD  OUT

    INSUFFER – „Virus  Dei" CDR  /cold dark ambient / industrial/

INSUFFER is a project of dark ambient music. This music show internal world all of us, world of ours feelings, fear, restlessness. Music is very dark,  coloured of cold death industrial, with elements of anxious beats and rumbles… Music is full of fear. Released in an unconventional way in a printed cardboard box. This release is under Beast of Prey wing and  jointly deal with Terra Inferna Rec  occurred in Beast Of Prey collaboration. SOLD  OUT

    INSPHERA – „Sape" CDR  /dark industrial /

INSPHERA is an industrial project. Music is a reflect surrounding us world of industrial ruins, world of large concrete building, world of rusty machines. INSPHERA project makes approximately idustrial music, cold industial...Album "Shape" is released by an unconventional way in a printing carton. Colour inscriptions. Released turns up under Beast of Prey wings and in assocation in entente with Terra Inferna Rec. is in Beast of Prey colaboration. SOLD  OUT

    NAWIA – „Westerplatte" CDR /dark ambient / military /

NAWIA is an ambient project estabilished in 1993, whom roots gets at a bit folk-pagan climates. "Westerplatte" material creates a new countenance of NAWIA project, dark ambient, rythmic compositions inspired militarism. Released by an unconventional way in a carton with four slots, inside an extra insert, whole is twisted by four bolts. Black CDR with vinyl texture on surface. Limited edition to 69 copies.  SOLD  OUT

    KRAINA MROKU – „Przyjdź Królestwo Moje" CDR
/dark ambient /

KRAINA MROKU is a project, which started activity in 1993. "Przyjdź Królestwo Moje" recorded in 1998. Released in 2003 in Beast of Prey colaboration on black CDR. Ambient music,  titual drums, bells, chants, whispering...Relased in a printing carton with an extra insert insade, black CDR with black sticker on surface, limited edition, numbered by hands to 69 copies. SOLD  OUT

    COLD FUSION – „Elisabeth Bukez" CDR /ambient / decadece/

"Elisabeth Bukez" is a debut material of project COLD FUSION, rythmic ambient tracks, with electronic sounds and  decadence climates. Released in a black carton, printing gold paint. CDR with a black sticker on surface. Release in Beast of Prey colaboration.  SOLD  OUT

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