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  Wszystkie płyty w tym dziele są nowe i oryginalne. Wyprzedaż do wyczerpania nakładów. Na płyty z wyprzedaży doliczana jest stała opłata pocztowa według cennika poczty bez względu na ilość zamówionych płyt.   

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A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - "No way out" digipack CD (Vrihaspati) - 15 zł - Finally after a long pause, the new A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR album is out now! their last album "Seven Samurai" was released 4 years ago and in these past years many things changed (in) ACOH. with "No way out" you will hear a completely new side of ACOH. the album would be best described as a pure Neo(Pop)Folk album with many Neoclassical and some Martial elements. Peter learned to play several acoustic instruments in the last years and some guest musicians also helped to create the band's new style. on "No way out" You hear acoustic piano, guitars, e-bass and contrabass, drums, violin and bells, as well as electronic instruments. most songs are with lyrics and have quite a dreamy and catchy atmosphere with monumental and heroic parts. some songs even spread a feeling of early 80ies independent music like Joy Division, the Fall, New Model Army,... 56 min. / 10 songs.

    A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - "Trilogy" 2CD (Vrihaspati) - 20 zł - The trilogy of human madness was released as three 10" ep's on the french label Divine Comedy. 5 years after the first release, comes now this 2CD-set containing the three 10" EP's digitally remastered on CD1 and on CD2 the Steinklang EP 'Am ende des Tages...' as well as 5 unreleased tracks and 4 remixes by Antracot, Levoi Pravoi, Atrox and Hypnoskull (all exclusive).  



A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - "Ashigaru Revealed" digipack CD (Eternal Pride) - 10 zł - "Warrior's way means death. When there are two ways to choose, choose the one that leads to death. Don’t argue! Direct your thoughts to the way you’d prefer, and follow..."  The latest work from one of the most prominent and outstanding Martial / neoclassical European projects. Continuation of music Odyssey began 7 EP - box-set "Ashigaru and dedicated to warrior’s traditions of medieval Japan. Graceful and epic cocktail of atmospheric neoclassical passages, Japanese drums and rhythms. The album is released as appealing digi-pack, its design in classical Japanese style was created by Peter Savelkoul.


AERE AETERNUS - "Humanity needs no funeral" CD  (Kaosthetik Konspiration) - WYPRZEDANE

AGHIATRIAS - "Ethos" digipak CD (Epidemie Rec.) - WYPRZEDANE


ALL MY FAITH LOST...  – "The Hours"  CD (Cold Meat Industry) - WYPRZEDANE!!


ALL MY FAITH LOST... - "Still white air" CD (Pocket Records / Dying Art Productions) - WYPRZEDANE







ALL MY FAITH LOST... - "In A Sea, In A Lake, In A River... or in a teardrop" digipack CD (Infinite Fog Productions)  - 5 zł -  "In a sea, in a lake, in a river ... ... or in a teardrop" was composed and recorded by "all my faith lost .." in its original line-up (Francis, Federico, Viola and Raffaella) as a first full album. The songs included in this album are inspired by spirits and fairies somehow releated to water. There is Grageth-Anoon, a fairy that can be seen near small lakes, there is Argea, that comes out from a river to tell your destiny and Anja, a fairy hidden in a tear. The sound of the album is just more acoustic than recent releases of the band and almost all songs are following the verse/chorus/verse rule. Acoustic and Classic guitars are the main instruments at the base of the compositions, flutes and delicate synths create, then, light arrangements giving that ethereal mood that will be more present in the following releases of the band. The vocal parts are equally divided among the male one (Federico) and the female ones (Viola and Raffaella) creating a perfect balance between heavenly/frail and profound/dark atmospheres. "In a sea, in a lake, in a river ... ... or in a teardrop" is a beatiful travel in the early steps of "all my faith lost ..." music.


ALEX TIUNIAEV - "I Knew Her" CD (Cold Spring) - WYPRZEDANE

ALMOST DEAD CELEBRITIES – "lp"  CD (Requiem Records) - 5 - A hard, thick and intense electronic backing, unconventional, live drummer's performance, interesting vocal, ranging over a wide scale and different styles. It's highly ambitious music, going beyond the pleasure of playing together.

ANAL SADIST - "Ugly, Stil" CDR (Impulsy Stetoskopu) - 5 zł - hard to describe abstraction of sound somewhat leaning towards academic ambient/noise, but with its own beauty.

ANNIVERSARY CIRCLE - "Saturated Feathers" CD  (Mask of the Slave) - WYPRZEDANE  





ANTIKATECHON - "I Feel Nothing but Repulsion" CD (Rage in Eden) - 19 zł - Working under the moniker of Antikatechon, Davide Del Col has published a number of classic dark ambient releases for Silentes and Rage In Eden. His musical universe voluntary invites the listeners to travel through deep and eerie soundscaping experiences which profoundly affect our emotions, generate powerful image and vivid metaphors about human finitude, psychic confinement and the otherworld. This new album entitled "I Feel Nothing but Repulsion" carries on Antikatechon’s aesthetics for isolationist soundscapes, bleak noises and darkly industrial musical excursions. Piano melodic phrases are brought up by the French neoclassic ambient project Day Before Us on one track, while the ethno-ritual and eclectic droning based project Nimh is featured on one epic piece of the album. This release is beautifully accompanied by enigmatic and ominous photographs of Bactrian Arts. With its melodious mystical resonances, disembodied guitar drones and nasty noisy incantations "I Feel Nothing but Repulsion" is an essential opus in the post industrial and doom ambient world. Rage In Eden is pleased to present this new album to the audience.



ARCANE DEVICE - "Devices 1987-2007"  2CD (Monochrome Vision)  - 10 zł - Anthology of rare and previously unreleased tracks by Arcane Device, recorded within the 20 years. It is divided into two parts. The first one consists of tracks from compilations issued by Subterranean Records, Tragic Figures, SFCR Tapes, and Generations Unlimited, but also unreleased material remastered and/or remixed in 2007. The second one is subtitled as "Feedback symphony" and based on various recordings, presented in four movements and finished in 2007. One more chance to approve the exceptional skills and compositional/technical talent of David Myers who can control the electrons by will, creating fantastic soundscapes.

ASTROWIND - "Kaidanovsky" digipack CD (Greytone) - WYPRZEDANE




AURA – "Invisible Landscape"  CD (Valse Sinistre)  - 10 zł -  limited to 500 copies,12 pages superglossy & extrathick booklet.  AURA is a Portuguese avantgarde musical project. “Invisible landscape” - the debut album - is a conceptual work, an imaginary soundtrack that traces the story created by 10 pictures by the talented and well-known Portuguese photographer, Jose Ramos. It’s an experimental project that extends itself through innumerous musical styles:  from Classical music to Post Rock, going through ambient, soundscapes, industrial, field-recording, electronica, etc. The relaxing melodic notes of AURA are creating a delicate soundscape, dreamy, psychedelic, deep and beautiful at the same time. A few songs from “Invisible Landscape” were used in the movie "Funeral in the Rain" which' premiere took place in May 2010 at the Cannes festival, but will be presented at several other worldwide festivals. A music for those into experimental music collages.


AURAL HOLOGRAMS - "Aural Holograms Vol. I"  CD  (Aural Hypnox)  - WYPRZEDANE!!

  ..:: B ::..  





BASTARDS OF LOVE - "Decadance Royale" CD (Deja Vu-Music) - 5 zł - Electro-Pop / Old School.   Featuring guest appearances from Geneviéve Pasquier, and Nora Below, Bastards Of Love are tearing you up! Tobi Margaux has arisen from the vinyl release underground with his first CD. 70 minutes of pure electronic passion connecting old school synth-lines with amazing pumping rhythms that lead you straight into ecstasy. The vocals provide an emotional note ranging from whispering, melancholic layers, to the final heights of power: shouts of life. Invoking an experience that flows into the spirit and creates an everlasting impression. The magic of "Alchemy" with Geneviéve Pasquier flows into pulsating industrial pop with "The Love Café, and "Fast Reaction". The mellower crooning side of Bastards Of Love is also finely represented by "Misunderstandings" and "World Of Matter". Bonus remixes of the hits "Stories" and "Rouge Fatale" round out the complete infusion of this "Decadance Royale". This is the language of pure energy, this is rebel electropop! WYPRZEDANE!!


BEYOND – "Houkai" CDR (Self-released) - 5 zł - Three lengthy tracks of sinister, minimal dark ambient noise from this German project.

      BLACK LEATHER JESUS - "Prove To Me That You're More Than Meat" CD (Audio Dissection) - WYPRZEDANE  


  BLEIBURG - "Open Wound" CDR (The Eastern Front) - 5 -  Edition of 300 copies. Special 3 panels folded cardboard packing. Martial / Industrial / Electronic. Audio record of Bleiburg live performance in Kassel, Germany on 23.06.2007. German- Croatian legendary project Bleiburg does not need to be presented. This year we introduce an unique document - a record of live performance of Bleiburg in Kassel, Germany at Panoptikum club in June 2007. Live performances of Bleiburg take place seldom, all the more this release witnessing Bleiburg on stage may represent the particular interest. "Open Wound" is a collection of well-known Bleiburg songs like Gulag Good-bye, Na Rad!, Nezdrava Tvorba, Good evening, Zagreb and more...  
      BLOODYMINDED - "Thropy"  CD (Blodlust!) - WYPRZEDANE  
      BLOODYMINDED - "Live: Street Level at VG Kids"/"Live: Behind the Green Door" CD (Blodlust!) - WYPRZEDANE  
    BONEMACHINE vs. KENJI SIRATORI - "Crypt Child" 3"CDR (Sabbathid Records) - 3 zł - Dark Industrial, Austria. Featuring a Japanese cyber-punk artist, Kenji Siratori.  

BRANDKOMMANDO - "Death Camp II" CD-R (Skull Line)   - WYPRZEDANE


BRANDKOMMANDO - "Wilkommen bei uns!" CDR (Tosom records) - 5 zł - Polish Power Electronics project. Wydanie w plastikowym sleevepacku (formatu CD).
Limit do 150 szt.

  ..:: C ::..  

CHALICE – “An Illusion to the temporary real” CD (Modern Invasion Music) - WYPRZEDANE


COLD FUSION / RUKKANOR - "Silk Road" digipack CD (Rage In Eden) - WYPRZEDANE


COLD FUSION - "Report" re-issue digipack CD (Rage In Eden)  - WYPRZEDANE




CONTAGIOUS ORGASM - "Thin Skinned" CD (Industrial Recollections) - WYPRZEDANE







COOLOOLA MONSTER - "Canciones del Diablo" CDr  (Mask of the Slave) - 2 - Cooloola Monster is an experimental noise project by Miguel A. Garcia & Estanis Comella, including collaborations with other artists as Oier I.A. (Tusuri), Carlos Valverde, Kijetil Hansen or Jorge Nunez. Their goal is to focus into the deep irrational, using completely free improvisation as a tool. Their sound appears sometimes as dark, deep and creepy, sometimes aggressive and noisy, sometimes even humorous and absurd. They have no limits into their approach into sound, being their objective to go beyond the limits itself. Miguel A. Garcia is one of the most active sound artists from the Basque Country. His sound ranges from quiet minimal drones to harsh noise with everything between. Solo and with projects as Valvula Antirretorno, Mubles or Baba Llaga he has released works in many different labels as Slaughter Prods., Apocalyptic Radio, Verato Project, Zeromoon, TIBprod, White Line, Homophoni, Triple Bath, and so on. His live sets has taken him to all around Spain and countries like USA, France, Norway, Poland and Portugal. CD-R in normal slim-jewel case, limited to 100 copies.

    CUSTODIAN - "Toil & Waste" CD (Syzmic Records) - 5 zł 9 tracks, 29 minutes of harsh electronic noise and industrial undertow. Bleak, inhospitable works that flow and mutate between screeching japanese influenced noise, HNW density, and churning industrial loops.  





CUSTOMER.NOISE – "Chaos Factory" digipack CD (CustomRec.) - 5 zł - Jednoosobowy projekt Sławka Tutak (Toruń), którego twórczość oscyluje wokół szeroko rozumianej elektroniki. W swoich kompozycjach wykorzystuje stylistyczne elementy takich gatunków jak dark ambient, industry/noise czy experimental. Zafascynowany możliwościami środowiska cyfrowego za źródło wybrał wirtualne generatory z ich nieograniczonymi możliwościami kreowania dźwięku. W latach 2012-2013 skupił się na, jak to mówi, powoływaniu do istnienia nowych dźwięków w naszej rzeczywistości. W 2014 roku podjął decyzję, że nadszedł czas aby dźwięki "z szuflady" ujrzały światło dzienne w postaci płyty. W tym celu powołał do życia firmę producencką CustomRec., której pierwszą produkcją był wydany w grudniu 2014 roku album "chaos factory" zawierający 7 zróżnicowanych utworów w opisanej wyżej stylistyce. Z ciekawostek można dodać, że mastering materiału przeprowadził Marcin Cichy (Skalpel).

      CYCLOTIMIA - "Music for Stockmarkets" CD (Zhelezoboton)  - WYPRZEDANE  
      CYCLOTIMIA - "Styx"  CD (Zhelezoboton) - WYPRZEDANE  
      CYCLOTIMIA - "TimeBank" CD (Zhelezoboton) - WYPRZEDANE  
      CYCLOTIMIA - "Deja Vu" CD (Shadowplay Records)  - WYPRZEDANE  
      CYCLOTIMIA - "New Death Order" CD (Ewers Tonkunst)  - WYPRZEDANE  
  ..:: D ::..  

DEEP-PRESSION - "4: Void of a Morning" CD  (Valse Sinistre) - 5 zł - The 4th full-length of this experimental combo is a huge step forward. Based on a solid drone soundscape and ambient textures Deep-pression incorporates elements of post-black metal, shoegaze, industrial, electronic, dark ambient, noise and a whole lot of others. Introspective and tormenting experimental drone dancing on the edge of madness!

DEEP-PRESSION vs. COLD JUNE – "Cold Floors to Embrace"  pro CDr  (Valse Sinistre) - 5 zł - New split release of international experimental group Deep-pression and brand new Portugese project Cold June. Experimental & dark ambient / drone meets post rock / drone vibes. Normal jewel-case with booklet and professionaly manufactured CDr. Limited to 100 copies.

DENSE VISION SHRINE - "Time Lost in Oblivion" CD + DVD /PAL/ (First Fallen Star)  - WYPRZEDANE

DEMONS THAT DROVE - "Kraft" digipack CDR (Midnight Productions) - WYPRZEDANE


DIARY OF DREAMS - "The Plague"  MCD  (Accession Records) - 5 zł - A mesmerising, seductive and overwhelming harbinger of their forthcoming album. This CDSingle offers the title track comes in two very different versions, plus the ballad "Allocution" and a 'memorial version' of DOD’s classic hit “Traumtänzer”.


DISHARMONY - "Malignant shields" CD (Aliens Production) - WYPRZEDANE


DISHARMONY - "Evolution" digipack CD (Tympanik) - WYPRZEDANE


DOWN IN JUNE - "Covers"  CD (NERVUS) - 10 zł - No slavish imitators, Sweden's Down In June deconstruct and lavishly, as well as lovingly, reinvent songs from the Death In June catalogue with their own distinctive Totenpop vision. A very rare and surprising discovery awaits. Recommended!


DRONE LEBANON / WERTHAM - "Roma & Yerushalayim" CD  (Topheth Prophet) - WYPRZEDANE!!



  ..:: E ::..  

EMITER - "From black mountain to the sea" CD (Requiem Records) - WYPRZEDANE!!


EONIC - "Secret Land" CD (Zhelezoboton) - WYPRZEDANE




EXPERIMENTS IN DARKNESS - "From The Heart" digipack CD (Midnight Productions) - 8 zł -  Experiments in Darkness (Piette / Dead Man's Hill) presents it's 2nd release. On this album you can hear the soundtrack of a man who became more and more introvert against the entire world. A man who got buried under so many problems and sorrows, with no single place where he can lose his grief. And this entire expression of sorrow is accompanied by a background of oppressive neoclassical music. A must have for people who can find (and cure) themselves into music which represents total sorrow and neo-romanticism. Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak.

  ..:: F ::..  

FIRST LAW - "Refusal As Attitude" CD (Loki Fundation) - WYPRZEDANE!!

    FLUTWACHT - "Breath" CD (Mask of the Slave) - 5 zł - Full length album from the well known German Power Electronics/Noise projekt. Flutwacht returned to Mask of the Slave Records with this great stuff, at this time with an real dark-ambient album after several releases with other labels in the industrial/experimental scene. The best Flutwacht release to date, highly recommended for PE/Noise/Experimental maniacs. Pro CD in DVD case limited to 500 copies. Collaboration release with The Tourette Tapes Germany.  

FRAKMUNDT - "Urbarglieder" digipack CD (Percht) - WYPRZEDANE


FREIBAND - "Replicas"  CD  (Monochrome Vision) - 7 zł Highly conceptual project that combines features of remix, recycling and plagiarism – the re-interpretation of classic album by Asmus Tietchens “Daseinsverfehlung”. All what can be heard on this CD, as always in case of Frans de Waard framework, is made from music that already existed: every sound, word in titles and even the cover picture – all is just processing and manipulation techniques.


FROZEN OCEAN - "Oneiric In Geocentricism" - CD (Nihil Art Records) - WYPRZEDANE

..:: G ::..

GABE UNRUH - "Endzeit Digi" digipack CD (Skull Line) - WYPRZEDANE




GELSOMINA / NO XIVIC - "Furnace" CD (Some Place Else) - 7 -   Furnace is an unlikely yet strangely natural union of No Xivic, renowned sculptor of dark electro-acoustic soundscapes, and Gelsomina, Finland's most prolific harsh noise artist. The title track, also the main piece on the album, is a live collaboration recorded in late 2006, a grand opus of psychedelic noise with a peculiar 'kraut' flavour! In addition to this, both artists created exclusive tracks on their own to complete the album. In total, Furnace is a 44-minute blast of fire, brimstone and hazardous electric currents, and thus a fine completion of Some Place Else's tenth year of activity.


GENETIC TRANSMISSION & MOAN - "Collaboration 1" CDR (Die Schöne Blumen Musik Werk) - WYPRZEDANE


GENETIC TRANSMISSION & DAVE PHILLIPS - "For rudolf" CDR (Die Schöne Blumen Musik Werk) - WYPRZEDANE!!




GEROSTENKORP - "Terre Brûlée"  digipack CD  (OPN Records) - 5 zł - Interesting and highly unique CD from the French project Gerostenkorp; a hallucinatory, post-apocalyptic vision full of luminous, multi-layered sounds, that move from the surreal, fractured and dreamlike to something more structured, with sprinkles of tribal rhythms, industrial beats, loops, and actual songs. Features Phil of Von Magnet among others. I'm having a terrible time trying to pigeonhole this and I'm just not able. I pick up nuances of Skincage, The Young Gods, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Regardless, the production is impeccable..


GEROSTENKORP / NEON RAIN - "Io non ho paura"   CD  (OPN Records) - WYPRZEDANE






GODHEADSCOPE - "A City Out of Sight" CD (God is Myth) - 5 zł - Every once in awhile we get a promo in the mail from a band/artist that is so completely out of left field and stunning that we make plans right away to put out an album by said band/artist. In this case we were absolutely pleased as hell to learn that longtime DEAD RAVEN CHOIR contributor Matt Rosin (working here as M.KOLOPHONIUM) has his own "ambient drone song" project called GODHEADSCOPE. This musical endeavour presents M.KOLOPHONIUM's attempt to bring Ambient, Noise and Chamber Music together in an all new relationship and the results come together with beautiful and original effect. Imagine if ARVO PART were to arrange and conduct a performance by CORRUPTED and you will only begin to scratch the surface of these deep and mysterious sonorities. For fans of WOLFMANGLER, vidnaObmana, LYCIA, BORIS, JESU, ROBERT RICH, DEAD RAVEN CHOIR and TOBY DRIVER.


GOL DOLAN - "The Traces of Mist" digipack CD (Midnight Productions) - WYPRZEDANE


:GOLGATHA: & BIRTHE KLEMENTOWSKI - "Cycles" digipack CD (Midnight Productions) - WYPRZEDANE

  ..:: H ::..  

HATED BRUIT KOLLEKTIV - "All beauty is our enemy" CDR (Die Schöne Blumen Musik Werk) WYPRZEDANE


HOROLOGIUM - "Der Volksmund Sagt" 7' black vinyl (La Esencia) - 10 zł - Is there anything more enriching than a pastime in the countryside? And yet, has there ever been more grief and misery than in the countryside? The first release starting a trilogy of Horologium’s postmodern-folkish adventure - limited edition 300 copies.




HOROLOGIUM - "A Handful of Dust and Ashes"  digipack CD (Zoharum Records) - 8 zł - „A Handful of Dust and Ashes” is a collection of tracks recorded during various occasions, but united here by a peculiar sediment of dust and rust; it’s a journey in time to strictly limited “A Handful of Dust”, published by Cynfeirdd, and to “Opium”, amounts of which are long sold out and yearned for by those in search of lost time. The (re)collection is crowned by three tracks performed live in Barcelona and Bologna in 2008 and 2009. The artwork by Fab and Sophie embody fin de siècle that has never been that convincing and tangible.  Packaged in 3-panel digipack in new design


HOROLOGIUM - "Le Paradis des Chasseurs" digipack CD (Twilight Records) - 10 zł -  Horologium is one of the most important acts in Poland if we talk about dark ambient, martial music. With lot of works in different labels and important collaborations with important bands they return with a new beautiful work trought Twilight Records. We think we are an exotic label and Horologium is an exotic band too.

  ..:: I ::..  

I.M.M.U.R.E. - "The New Circle" CDR  (Zhelezoboton) - WYPRZEDANE





  IBERIAN SPLEEN - "Dracula / Vampire Hunters club versions" CD (Caustic Records) - 5 zł - Caustic Records presents the club versions of one of the soundtracks from Francis Ford Coppola's film DRACULA (Vampire Hunters) produced and created by Iberian Spleen. Iberian Spleen, after some years of absence, and who reached the top ten of the DAC with the track I am so Afraid from the album Drama and Base, returns with an original idea, making versions not of songs but of the soundtrack of the film DRACULA, merging classical music with an intelligent, detailed and personal electronic music. These versions not only recall parts of the original track but they also try to keep the full essence and great composition by the master Wojciech Kilar, that is why the arrangements of classical music have been newly performed without using samplers from the original track and without losing the crescendo divided in the three parts of melody . Powerful versions that rest in the last track for us to have sweet dreams... LOVE NEVER DIES.  
      ILLNESS / SIRS - "Drowning In Schizophrenic Depression" CD (Nihil Art Records) - WYPRZEDANE  

INHALANT - "Save our souls" CD (Syzmic Records) - 5 -  A hidden hand wipes the tears and hidden fears as god looks away. New CD release from the highly respected Texas based project. This time INHALANT kicks up almost 40minutes of harsh industrial noise. A slow grinding death taking its grip on a society oblivious to the obvious.

    INITIAL CHAOS – "Ego Splitting" CD (Nihil Art Records) - 5 zł -  lim. 500 copies, jewel box, style: synth / darkwave. Sombre synth / darkwave with screaming "black" vocals and sophisticated existentialist lyrics on russian.  
    INNFALLEN - "Three Days of Darkness" digipack A5 / CD (First Fallen Star)  - 10 zł - Collaborative effort between veteran Doyle Finley (Invercauld) and talented newcomer Kevin Scala, presenting a rich, illustrative tapestry of multi-layered soundscapes that is undeniably the soundtrack to the frightening prophecy of the "Three Days of Darkness."Slow drifts of very bleak textures and keyboard drone, sprinkled with the slithering background noise of some lurking horror. "Three Days of Darkness" is presented to you in a retro uncoated A5 digipak..  




INORGANIC BLOSSOMING - "Autumndrones" digipack CD A5 (Infinite Fog Prod.)  - 10 zł -  "Autumndrones" — is a name which belongs to two musicians from cold Siberia – Becoming and Freeall. They both have done soundtracks for short films, music for theatre plays and sound for commercials. "Autumndrones" — can be explained as a love to autumn. They did not want to dedicate the music to this season, they wanted to write it. Therefore they music was written during the fall only, and when the first autumn passed they left the unfinished material until the next one. That is why the work took them 3 years. Almost all the sounds you can here were recorded in the natural way, these are autumn sounds. The whole mood of the album went through this season, even live instruments, such as violin and accordion, were recorded in fields along with the leaves noise.  "Autumndrones" — is three compositions long record, ambient, careful noise and accidental melodies, the mix of leaves rustle, wind blow and analogue synthesizers’ singing. This is melancholy, doldrums and infinity.


INTERIOR DISPOSITION – "Taedium Vitae" CD (Nihil Art Records) - 7 -  lim. 500 copies, jewel box, style: dark drone ambient. The album is dedicated to memory of Italian musician Marco Corbelli, the only member of project Atrax Morgue. On May, 6th, 2007 at the age of 36 years old he has committed suicide. New album of Interior Disposition "Taedium Vitae" is the attempt to glance in the painful world of the Italian artist.


ISH – "Resonance Level" CD (Aliens Productions) - WYPRZEDANE




..:: J ::..


JAZKAMER - "Balls The Size Of Texas Liver The Size Of Brazil" CD (Purple Soil) - WYPRZEDANE

      JOHNNY CASH – "American III: Solitary Man" CD (American Recordings) - WYPRZEDANE  
  ..:: K ::..  

KALeKA - "KOLOnIE" 3'CDr  (Labela) - WYPRZEDANE -


KAMIL KOWALCZYK - "Aurora" CD  (Prototyp Produktions Ltd) - 7 zł - A debut CD album from sound artist/composer Kamil Kowalczyk. It contains two long tracks, “model II” and “plasma”. The main concept for album was conspiracy theory about Aurora – a top secret, ultra fast US Military aircraft, also called TR-3B, which has very advanced technology, and special engine driving by plasma…




KAUNA TRAIPS – "Kauna Traips" CD (Sturm) - 10 zł - Experimental dark ambient release by Tarchoks and Koils. It all started in 2006 when it seemed no longer possible to keep holding all this within, partly due to the surrounding environment. Like induction, shame - as masochistic means to feel strange guilt for breaking imagined social and moral constructions, or making them serve another purpose; and conservation of energy - the two minds and bodies, often being intoxicated death close, transforming energy into something else. A tranquil accompaniment for madness, and information overload, pouring into your consciousness and subconsciousness through every smallest crack.

    KENJI SIRATORI - "Spell of Pain" CDR (Sabbathid Records) - 3 zł - Dark Noise created by a creative cyberpunk artist from Japan.  
    KENJI SIRATORI - "Dark Nature" CD  (Sabbathid Records) - 3 zł - A new full-length recorded in 2010 by Kenji Siratori, known for the cyberpunk writing (e.g. Blood Electric in 2002) as well as many collaboration works with musicians from Experimental / Noise fields.
In this work Siratori constructs cold, dissonant and stark Ambient music by combining sepulchral sound waves and layers of dense noise. At every moment the sound is dissolved to particles and diffused to the maximum entropy, which would go best with your deranged nerves.
      KENJI SIRATORI / DAPNOM - "Nhir-otkiv Yima'k" CD (Sabbathid Records) - WYPRZEDANE    
    KENJI SIRATORI vs. BONEMACHINE - "Crypt Child" 3"CDR  (Sabbathid Records) - 3 zł - Dark Industrial, Austria. Featuring a Japanese cyber-punk artist, Kenji Siratori.  
    KREUZER - "Lilium" MCDR (T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!!) - 5 zł - The newest work of Israeli power-electronics and ambient project Kreuzer—mini-album «Lilium» is out now. It is the second mini-album released on T’an! Kaven!! Ash!!! following «Noises Of Independence»  




  KSHATRIY - "Mushrooms and Kshatriy" CDR (Zhelezobeton) - 9 zł - After the reissue of the eponymous debut Kshatriy album last year we're glad to present you his second work, recorded in 2006 and equally little known. Back then "Mushrooms..." was spread among friends and fans in a very limited number of copies and then remained unavailable for the wider audience for a long time. As the author says, this album is a magical journey consisting of nine pieces which emerged from the intuitive contemplation of the most secret levels of consciousness dissolved in space. Those who are familiar with Kshatriy's sound will hear his trademark features, but overall this album sounds more experimental than his later works. Instead of dense flows of thick cosmic ambience space is filled with weird abstract forms and flickering electronic collages. Psychedelic atmosphere, psychoactive sound. Remastered by the author in 2015. The physical release is made on quality pro-CDRs in an edition of 77 copies in a sleeve of designer black cardboard.  



  KSHATRIY - "Kshatriy" (Zhelezobeton) - 9 zł - During the 10 years of its existence Kshatriy has earned a strong reputation on the Russian dark ambient scene. Among his works are 3 full-length CDs on our label Muzyka Voln, collaboration releases with Vresnit and Bardoseneticcube and also several tracks on compilations including the recently released LP "Drone-Mind // Mind-Drone Vol. 3" (Drone Records, 2014). Cold, dark and empty cosmic-scale spaces turn into rare oases of living pulsations but this illusion of immersion in organic matter doesn't last long and dissolves in endless flows of sonic winds. The album features almost no melodic lines but its fractal-patterned structure gives the music the magical power that allows to keep the listener's attention captured throughout this short trip. The physical release is made on quality pro-CDRs in an edition of 77 copies in a sleeve of designer silvery cardboard.  
  ..:: L ::..  

L'EFFET C'EST MOI - "Les Voix De L'Apocalypse"   digipack CD (Midnight Productions) - 7 zł - The brand new album from the Italian Medieval-Martial-Neoclassical project! Greatly invoked by romanticism as well as a martial spirit, "Les Voix De L'Apocalypse" is more epic sounding music-wise than their last full-length "Tomber En Heroes" (War Office Propaganda), with a great mix of more medieval melodies. CD Reissue of the 2008 release on SkullLine (100 copies). Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak.




LAHARIS - "Unpolitical Alchemy" CD (Vrihaspati Records) - 7 zł -  Laharis is the new project of Johan König who was the original founder of A Challenge of Honour. After recording the 'Wilhelm Gustloff' sessions, Johan left ACOH and gave the Project to Peter, who is ACOH nowadays. In 2005 Johan started working on his own music again under a name that he used already several years ago: Laharis. On the new album "unpolitical alchemy" he works again (for the first time in 5 years) together with Peter. The sound is between the early ACOH recordings with modern electronic influences. A beautiful album with many psychedelic moments. the best soundtrack for long car-rides in dark nights. ATTENTION: this CD contains a hidden VIDEO-CLIP!


LARRNAKH - "Like the silken shrouds of loneliness" digipack CD (Epidemie Records) - WYPRZEDANE


LARRNAKH - "Now will you believe?" digipack CD  (Steinklang Industries) - WYPRZEDANE


LARVA 108 – "99.09 Inside the stones" digipack CD (Greytone) - 7 zł - “99.09 Inside the stones” is a collection of the most significant tracks made by LARVA 108 during the first 10 years. 12 songs for 60 minutes. A sountrack for walking alone through a winter snowstorm or between the trees during a grey day of november. Experimental, electronica, drones creates organic gloomy atmospheres.






LIGHT COOPERATION - "Aliens From Planet Earth" CD (ReR Megacorp) - 15 zł - The second release from this Polish quintet and quite different from the first; recorded through the window of the Art Gallery Konin water tower – with a single microphone just to make things difficult –this is, nevertheless, a high quality recording – and a surefooted performance; you could waste a lot of expensive studio time and money trying to get close to this clear, very integrated, sound. They use guitars, a baritone cello, bass, drums, violin, tenor saxophone, analogue tape recorder and a kaosilator to make persuasive sounds that float to and fro between improvisation and composition: sometimes one sometimes the other, sometimes both; but it always sounds purposeful. The kind of music that would benefit from being listened to in a darkened room. It’s not a shocker but there’s enough here to lend them a sympathetic ear.

  ..:: M ::..  
      MAJDANEK WALZ - "Ophelia" CD (Wroth Emitter) - WYPRZEDANE -  

MAREK MARCHOFF / MJ CAROLINE - "Voxfields" CD (Zoharum Records) - 9 zł - Marek Marchoff – the brain and the only permanent member behind DIFFERENT STATE project is a very creative man. He works a lot and the effects always amaze the listeners. Almost 20 years of experience in creating experimental and industrial sounds has left a stamp on his works. Without copying his own ideas, he is still searching, discovering new sounds and taking various initiatives. Together with MJ Caroline, he created his first field recording album. It’s not a typical album for this kind. Marchoff treated field recordings as a palette of sounds by means of which he built a sonic horror story placed somewhere in Tilden fortress where rhythms are composed of footsteps, beats, reverberations of basements where only in the background life is throbbing and somewhere from the distance the moaning of war sirens can be heard.


MAREK STYCZYŃSKI - "Cyber totem" CD (Requiem Records) - WYPRZEDANE

MEPHI - "MoRgAnIuM Ad AyLaNiUm" digipack CD (MidNight Productions) - WYPRZEDANE

MGŁOWCE - "Lalka dla Boga" CD (Genital Sector Music) - WYPRZEDANE

MICHAEL MANTRA - "Mobius Logic"  CD   (Silentes) - WYPRZEDANE

MIEL NOIR - "Der Honigflügel"  CD (The Eastern Front) - 7 zł -  Another, absolutely different project of Dimo Dimov (Svarrogh, Sturmpercht, Allerseelen, Saggitarius). Brilliant piano symphony with industrial elements and samples from Russian movies inspired by classical Russian novel "Crime and Punishment" written by Fyodor Dostoevsky and Goncharov novels. Edition of 500 copies. Special 3 panels folded cardboard packing. Released on CD format.




MIXTURIZER - "Senile Dementia" CDr  (Mask of the Slave)  - 3 zł - Noise / Experimental project based in Canary Islands, Spain. Started on summer 2006 by Manuel M. Cubas as a scape from music to pure sound and noise experimentation to express and creating through a personal point of view on surrealistic/ abstract/ non conventional/ anti-commercial and personal ways. Also defined as a multi-layered noise act combining unsightly sound forms with Harsh Noise, Experimental, Industrial, Ambient elements. CD-R in normal slim-jewel case, limited to 60 copies.


MORTUOR - "I'm Waiting for You" CD (Syzmic Records) - 10 zł - Debut release from this US act. The stale state of experimentalism has forced this; the union of sickness and sound. A tribute to the forerunners of power-death electronics. Pure emotion. Pure sickness. Pure power. Nothing compromised. Classic Death Industrial, dedicated to and inspired by the works of the late Marco Corbelli (Atrax Morgue) and the Italian Death Industrial Movement. Ltd x 250 copies in an outsized gatefold sleeve.

MOST OF THE TACITURN - "Nan King" CD  lim. 400 copies (Dying Art Productrion) - WYPRZEDANE
MULTIPOINT INJECTOR - "Digital Ownerless" CDR  (Mizantrophy) - WYPRZEDANE  
MUSSORGSKI - "Chaos and Paranormal Divinity" CD (East Side) - WYPRZEDANE


  ..:: N ::..  

NEKRODAMUS – “A brave dawn” digipack CD (Twilight Records) - 10 zł - Finally, after a long period of time and silence NEKRODAMUS breake the silence !!!. One of the most important electro bands from Argentina, back with a brand new and amazing album. "A brave dawn", the title of this new work, full of melodies, beautiful songs, dancefloor hits and a brillant voice and compositions. Blend their signature sounds and arrangements!!

      NIKITA GOLYSHEV - "Solaris" CD (Monochrome Vision) - WYPRZEDANE  

NOSENS - "The Final Step" CD-R (s/t) - WYPRZEDANE

  ..:: O ::..  

OBOZDUR – "Winter Canabinol Essence""CD (Nihil Art Records) - 5 - lim. 500 copies, jewel box, style: noise.  6 tracks… which will penetrate deeply into your mind & stay there for long time… leaving unique feeling of novelty & at the same time immersing you in depths of style… in a word… noise… free comments…



  OGNI VIDENIY & Svetlo111 - "Synapse" CDR (Zhelezobeton) - 9 zł - A collaboration of the two projects now based in St. Petersburg and often performing together at city gigs and forest festivals. Three long psychoactive tracks filled with gritty analogue noise, farced with scraps of electronic signals and soaked in a syrup of harmonious drones. Despite the abrasive texture of sound and use of rather sharp effects, the atmosphere of the album is quite contemplative. Like the severely frosty northern night with polar lights: the air bites your skin and burns your lungs, but you just can't stop staring. The key point is the right adjustment of perception and selection of warming elements!  


  OGNI VIDENIY - "Skeleton in the Closet for God" CDR (Zhelezobeton) - 9 zł - album from Ogni Videniy following the "Sounding Emptiness" disc delves again into Buddhist themes, this time - the spatial Buddhist cosmology. Every track is dedicated to a certain state of mind and its corresponding plane of existence of sentient beings, from material worlds to the realms of pure consciousness. Nine compositions with intense sonic structures, like fractal canvases with no end and no beginning. Each of them with its own atmosphere: from mild and rarefied to dense, noisy and pulsating; all being pierced by elastic electric drones with lots of hues and parallel resonating forms.  





  OGNI VIDENIY - "Sounding Emptiness" CDR (Zhelezobeton) - 9 zł - The Northern city of Archangelsk has given the Russian ambient scene several beautiful projects and among them is certainly Ogni Videniy (Russian for "Fires of Visions"). Their previous releases came out on such labels as Vetvei and BioSonar^Labyrinth and this is already the fourth album, not counting a collab with Six Dead Bulgarians "2137" (Vetvei, 2011). The album is dedicated to the phenomenon of emptiness in its Buddhist meaning: not as absolute "nothingness" but rather as endless potential manifestation of everything existent in the world. Unlike previous works with more ritualistic feeling, this album shows Peter A. experimenting with more abstract electronic sound. Here one finds almost complete absence of traditional singing bowls, bells and pipes - instead the space is seized by home-made analogue sound generators, processed field recordings and mysterious textures. Plangent background drones fixate the perception and the forefront is filled by gurgling, croaking and swarming microsounds creating an utterly psychoactive shroomy atmosphere inhabited by enigmatic entities.  

OF SWINE AND SWILL - "Of Swine and Swill" CD (Live Bait Rec.) -WYPRZEDANE


OXYD - "Liveforms" CD (Aliens Production)  - WYPRZEDANE!!  

  ..:: P ::..  



  PBK & Josh Lay - "Split" CDR  (Syndrom Records) - 5 zł - American composer, Phillip B. Klingler, better known as PBK, has been active in the experimental music underground since 1986. His soundwork correlates to electroacoustic, classic industrial and free jazz genres. PBK has fashioned a noise-based music that doesn't rely on power electronics process, but rather, by placing noises themselves into ambient/atmospheric sound environments. His soundworks are composed from turntable manipulation, sampling and analog/digital synthesis. Improvising spontaneously and with little preconception, PBK creates pulsing, echoing, organic soundscapes of unknown sonic origin. Josh Lay combines his horror-noise approach with PBK's psychedelic synth improvisation into a deep, forbidding soundscape.  
      PBK / TELEPHERIQUE -  "Noise Ambient Connection" CD (Monochrome Vision) - WYPRZEDANE!!  

PHASE II - Afterglow" digipack CD (Ahnstern / Steinklang) - 10 zł - It has been a little over 32 since the inception and all-too-brief life span of Phase II, the prog-folk band founded by Mark Andrews (Blue Grass) and Nicholas Tesluk (Changes). "Afterglow" introduces modern listeners to Phase II's unique and timeless mixture of varied musical styles. Included in this expansive release are 6 songs from their original repertoire, all recorded here for the very first time. As a special reprise, all songs from their only release ( a long out of print 7" blue vinyl) have been enhanced and included on the album. To bring things full-circle, Phase II is also proud to present a recording of its first all-new song of the 21st century on this CD. The 69 minute album concludes with "Candle in the Night", their complete pre-progressive, conceptual radio program from 1978. Digipak with booklet featuring full lyrics, as well as an anecdotal history of the band in text and photos.  
  ..:: R ::..  
      REAPER - "Hell Starts With An H" CD (Infacted Recordings) -  WYPRZEDANE  

..:: S ::..

      SANTA AGOSTINO - "Operazione Paura" digipack CD (Greytone) - WYPRZEDANE  

SHINJUKU THIEF - "The Scribbler" CD  (Cold Spring) - WYPRZEDANE


SIMULACRA - "There is a fountain filled with blood" CD 2010  (No Angels Prod. / Consouling Sounds) - WYPRZEDANE


SISTRENATUS - "Sensitive Disturbance" CD (Cold Spring)  - WYPRZEDANE

      SKULLFLOWER – "Tribulation" CD (Crucial Blast) - WYPRZEDANE  


      SORFEUM - "Tancient Rocks" CD (Nihil Art Records) -WYPRZEDANE  
      SPECTRA PARIS - "Dead Model CD (Trisol) - WYPRZEDANE!!  


  STEMCELL RESEARCH PROJECT - "Charnel Houses" digipack CD (Syzmic Records) - 7 zł - Five songs inspired by death and post-mortem rituals with each passage delving deeper into the stygian abyss. "Charnel Houses" is profoundly imbued with feelings of despair brought forth with field recordings of actual autopsies taking place. Somber moments layered with metal percussion, white noise and rhythmic drones that envelope the listener like a lead blanket. SRP is J. P. Whetzel of Welter In Thy Blood. Mastered by John Stillings of Steel Hook Prostheses. Ltd x 300 copies in a digipak.  


  STEREOCAINE - "We Are The Clay" CDR (Snowy Tension Pole) - 2 zł - Drugi album podlaskiego projektu Stereocaine to ponad 45 minutowa muzyczna opowieść. Opowieść, w której z jednej strony wyraźnie można wyczuć nawiązania do klasyków gatunku, z drugiej zaś ma ona swój własny specyficzny styl, który czyni ją wyjątkową. Zimne i niepokojące dźwiękowe pejzaże typowe dla stylistyki dark ambientowej przeplatają się tutaj z elementami muzyki neoklasycznej. Uzyskana w ten sposób mieszanka porywa słuchacza nie pozwalając mu się nudzić aż do samego końca podróży po wykreowanym przez Stereocaine świecie.  
      SUNAO INAMI - "Laid Back Computing" CD (Electr-ohm) - WYPRZEDANE  
      SUNAO INAMI - "How-Bow 2" CD (Electr-ohm) - 0WYPRZEDANE  
      SUNAO INAMI - "Used Up and Empty" CD (Electr-ohm) - WYPRZEDANE  
      SVALBARD - "Heimkunft" CD (Lichterklang) - WYPRZEDANE  

SVARROGH - "Yer Su"  digipack CD + 12-page booklet  (Steinklang / Ahnstern)  -  WYPRZEDANE


..:: T ::..




TCHERNOBLYAD - "Love" CD (Linija Shuma) - 5 zł -  lim.ed. 454 copies. Old school industrial / lo-fi power electronics. THERNOBLYAD is a project from St. Petersburg (or as he prefers to say – Leningrad) it built very realistic misanthropic and scareful atmosphere. THERNOBLYAD was influenced by aura of fog city St. Petersburg/Leningrad in the beginning of ХХ century. The esthetic of industrialization, antisanitary, mystic, violence of revolution – all these are in THERNOBLYAD. It is like the mix of classic German power- electronics (IRIKARAH, SOLDNERGEIST, OPERATION CLEANSWEEP…) and legends of St. Peter’s noise scene – Alexandra Lededev-Frontov (VEPRISUICIDA, VETROPHONIA, MINIJA MASS, STALNOY PAKT).  

    TESTING VAULT - "The Laughing Torso" CD (Final Muzik) - 5 zł - Yes, we did it. dANi/Alvo's Testing Vault debut full length CD is available through Final Muzik. Obscure, isolationist (post) industrial soundscapes: in Testing Vault's music, love is hidden by painful moods and by a breathless atmosphere of pure fear. File under: early Coil, Virgin Prunes' "A New Form Of Beauty", Rozz Williams' experimental music projects, Italian cult industrial / ritual band Rosemary's Baby. "The Laughing Torso" features moody trumpet extravaganza by DBPIT and vocals by artist Val Denham. Angst industrial / experimental music! Digipack limited edition. 500 copies.  

THE PRIDE OF WOLVES - "Dawn of the Wolves"  profi CDr (Skull Line) - 5 - CD is handnumb. and limited of 100 copies. Info: The Pride of Wolves are an Anglo/German co-production based in Manchester, England and Duesseldorf, Germany. The Members from the Debut Album are Naja af Wolffen and Black Wolf. *** Very varied debut album - TIP! *** Genre: Modern Classical, Militaryambient, Martial, New Wave, Experimental

      TOLL - "Christ Knows" CD (Cold Spring) - WYPRZEDANE  
    TONAL Y NAGUAL - "The Hidden Oasis" digipack CD (Thonar Records) - 5 zł - Neofolk, Chanson, Experimental / Second album by Bavarian folk band Tonal Y Nagual feature 17 more melodious and sombre songs mixed with some unexpected turns and twists. Comes in a beautiful Digipack with 8 pages booklet.  



  TRAMA ALFONA - "Trama alfonA" digipack CD (Greytone) - 7 zł - Trama afonA is the sound/visual project by Lorenzo Scacchia - an attempt to tramaphonise (convey) what he sees in the dark and hears into silence. This Cinematic Dark Ambient album constitutes the first official release, gathering tracks composed between 2005 and 2008. TA pays particular attention to individual and specific human stories, rather than to history focusing on what happens behind the scenes, aside, beneath. Opening doors and drawers using the sole curiosity as tool, walking backwards the traces of memory, wandering amid shades and details given by mystery, decadence, abandon, romanticism. Carefully delving into psychological dynamics. Openly denouncing the social plagues, but often humbly providing just visual and sound suggestions. Digipak.  
      TRINITHOS - "333" CD  (Steinklang / Heimatfolk) - WYPRZEDANE  

TSCHELJABINSK 65 - "The Demons Of Iron & Titan Woods / Ancient Forest" CD (Dying Art Productions) - WYPRZEDANE

  ..:: U ::..  

UN DEFI D'HONNEUR - "Verdun 1916" CD (Vrihaspati Records) - 10 zł - The second full-length album of A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR's French alias UN DEFI D'HONNEUR. this is the first full-length release of this french counterpart since the 'Aurore de Gloire' album (2003) on the Belgian label NEUROPA. In 2005 UN DEFI D'HONNEUR released a 12" in a gatefold cover on the same label and that release was packed with re-arranged material from the debut album. Now Peter Savelkoul returns with 8 brandnew tracks of Martial/Neo-Classical music, with some very suprising compositions.

  ..:: V ::..  

V/A - "Moral Hazard"   CD  (Indie-Ziert) - 8 - industrial / noise / power electronics compilation whit: Schwadron / Jesus Of Nazareth / La Comunidad / Melodic Abortion Orchestra / Radio Murmansk / Cavum Oris / Mortuor / Hatred In Eyes / Climax Denial / Sewer Goddess / Leiche Rustikal / Schwadron / Persona / Mourmansk150 / Steel Hook Prostheses / Jesus Of Nazareth  - limited to 477 handnumbered copies.

      V/A - "Trance" CD (Monochrome Vision) - WYPRZEDANE  





  VALENCE - "Allogene" Digipak CD (Lichterklang) - 10 zł - For the first time in twelve years existance, american VALENCE release an album in Germany. Valence ist he musical union of N2 Itinitl and Sasha Feline, well known for their works with GNOMONCLAST and LUFTWAFFE. „Allogene“ ist Neofolk at it’s best. The instrumental basis of the rough songs is laid by drums, acoustic guitar, accordeon and a virtuos flute. Only now and then orchestral samples are being used to complete the overall impression. Although the influence of CURRENT 93 can not be denied, Valence have their own identity and remain fresh throughout the whole album. Along the rough charme of their initial neofolk roots, VALENCE fascinate by their powerful drumming which contrasts with the melancholic and fragile melodies. Especially the male vocals perfectly celebrate the nihilistic charachter of the music between sufferance and aggression, giving proof that neofolk arose from the ashes of the postpunk movement, while the female vocals emphasize the beauty of the moment. „Allogene“ is a rough and unpolished diamond of original and passionate neofolk, based on it’s powerful arrangements and the balance of the obvious contradictions. This is the kind of neofolk that should appeal to people who like IN GOWAN RING or BIRCH BOOK as well as CURRENT 93.  
    VOICE OF MORRIGAN - "Orgetos" CD (Dying Art Productions) - 7 zł - Debut album by French devil piper Fearann (Valuatir, Carnyx, Manzer). Fearann ("Folk Earth") plays a multitude of instruments including several different bagpipes, oboe, Irish whistle and bodhran. Medieval and traditional compositions, similar to Corvus Corax and Stille Volk etc. Ltd x 500 copies.  

..:: W ::..




WHISPER OF TEARS - "Into The Night" MCD (Dying Art Productions) - 5 zł The latest album from this dark Neoclassical solo female group from Guangzhou, China. The music of Whisper Of Tears creates an atmosphere that can echo with our inner emotions, like sorrow, dreams, longs and desire, loneliness etc. Through the darkness we can see light. There's no light without darkness... A very nice piece for fans of ethereal / medieval music with a bombastic edge, in the vein of Camerata Mediolanense, O Quam Tristis etc (without vocals). Ltd x 500 copies in an outsize black card envelope with inserts and a wax seal and silver print.

  ..:: X ::..  
  ..:: Y ::..  
      YAROVIT – "Simargl`s Call" CD (Nihil Art Records) - WYPRZEDANE  
  ..:: Z ::..  
      ZALIVIA-D - "SM Beat Collection 2005-2008" 2CD in Metal Box (Dying Art Productions) -  WYPRZEDANE  
      ŽENKLAS X - "Take" digipack CD (Dangus Records) - WYPRZEDANE  
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